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6 writing prompts for middle school book lovers | Homeschool writing ideas

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Books and Reading, Writing & Journal Prompts

Fun prompts that give tweens and young teens a chance to write about favorite books.

Do your junior high students need ideas for writing in their journals or for writing a story or essay? Inspiration is as close as the bookshelves in your home library! These six prompts for middle school book lovers give tweens and young teens a chance to write about some of their favorite books.

1. Author! Author!

Think about a favorite book or series that has especially inspired you or captured your imagination. List ten questions you’d like to ask the author.

2. Don’t Miss This

Choose one novel, picture book, or book series. Write a paragraph telling three reasons why all children (or teens) should read it. Support your opinion with examples.

3. Wait … It Gets Better!

What were some of your favorite picture books when you were younger? Choose one, and use it as a model for a story you will write for students your age. Even though you might base your story on the picture book, make sure to create your own characters, use your own words, and add fresh new details as you write.

If you plan to write a longer story, consider spreading it out over several days or weeks.

4. Tough Choice

Which is more important—books that inform or books that entertain? Choose ONE of the following, making sure to include facts and examples.

  • Opinion: Write a composition explaining your position.
  • Compare/Contrast: Write an essay comparing and contrasting the two genres.

5. What’s Next?

Write a letter to an author of a favorite novel, asking him or her to write a sequel. In your letter, share several things you loved about the first book, and explain why you think a sequel would be a big hit.

6. The Comfort of Books

Your family has been invited to donate books to an emergency shelter in your community. More than anything, the shelter could use books for preschoolers who have no books of their own. List 3-5 board or picture books you would  buy for them, and explain each choice.

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