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Winter photo writing prompts for your homeschool

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Kindle sparks of imagination with winter picture writing prompts about frozen waterfalls, snowbound sheep, and a mysterious lighthouse.

Frosty, fanciful, and far-fetched tales delight the child in each of us this time of year. Let your kids create their own seasonal stories with these winter photo writing prompts!

1. Frozen in Our Tracks

It is the middle of winter, and you have lost something valuable and dear to you. As you search along the icy road, you encounter a flock of stern, serious sheep that block your path. What do they want? Can they be trusted? Will they let you pass? Will they help you find what you are looking for?

Winter Photo Writing Prompts

2. Ice Castle

While hiking along a snowy trail, you and a friend come across a magnificent frozen waterfall. A narrow path leads you inside, where you discover you’re actually inside an ice castle! Who lives here, and what happens when the two of you are found wandering within its icy walls?

Winter Photo Writing Prompts

3. Brightly Shining

Every year on New Year’s Eve, a light shines from the frozen lighthouse. Write a story about this mystery using at least four of these words: abandoned, waves, journal, flag, staircase, captain, pickax, dog.

Frozen Lighthouse

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Photos: Matt Belton, Jedimentat44, and wsilver, courtesy of Creative Commons