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Teacher Testimonials

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WriteShop I and II Teacher Testimonials

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching WriteShop. My students’ writing thrives, and I always have grateful WriteShop “graduates” and parents. 
Carrie | Co-op teacher, CO

I cannot begin to tell you the rave reviews parents are offering for my class—all because of your program. They love it, and the kids are doing great! It has been so successful and highly praised that I am teaching it again, along with WriteShop II.
Deborah | Co-op teacher, MI

My WriteShop I class was a splendid success! I found your materials easy to use, and my students’ writing skills improved greatly.  
Tracy | Co-op teacher, AL

I have used WriteShop I and WriteShop II to teach home schooled students for over 15 years and have not only seen great improvements in writing skills, but once-reluctant, shy writers have blossomed in their confidence and ability.
Kyra | The Writer’s Toolbox

WriteShop I is working miracles in my class! I had about given up on this group of kids … I’m absolutely amazed at the writing I’m getting from them.
Kristy | Classroom teacher, CA

WriteShop works so much better for [our ESL students] than any other program I have used … I saw so much growth in their skills.
Tami | Co-op teacher, NC

So often, we require young people to write long reports before we have taught them sentence structure and paragraph construction—and students are defeated before they begin. By focusing on a 5- to 7-sentence paragraph, young writers are not overwhelmed, but can give all their attention to concise, vivid word choices.
Diane | Classroom teacher, CA

I used WriteShop when I taught middle school English. It was well organized and very easy to implement. The evaluation sheets made grading papers a breeze.
Kathleen | Classroom teacher

I appreciate how well the material is laid out in the teacher’s manual, which makes prep work quick and easy. I have already had a few parents tell me their students said writing might be their favorite class this year.
Christy | Co-op teacher, IL

Your curriculum makes it so easy to be passionate. I love doing this! 
Tracy | Co-op teacher and WriteShop tutor, NC

I have tried various writing curriculums—each having some positive aspects. WriteShop, however, is the most complete program I’ve come across. I [am] honored to share how well this class has worked for me and my students.
Kristen | Co-op teacher, NC

I’m having great success with my band of students … I’m getting pieces of art!
Charlene | Classroom teacher, KS

I used WriteShop I to teach a writing class of 15 students, 8th-11th grade. I was absolutely amazed at the level of progress in these kids. Students who could barely string words together to make a coherent sentence were writing beautifully by the end of the year. 
Tammy | Co-op teacher, MA

I use WriteShop 1 & 2 to teach a small group of 11th and 12th graders…. Before we started using WS, our graduates were “placing” in English 101 levels for college. Last year, my second year using the curriculum, one of my students placed in [freshman] Honors English, a first-time occurrence for the history of the school!
Lynn | Classroom teacher, VA

The most effective thing about WriteShop is that it is very incremental, and it sets up the students for success.
Patti | Co-op teacher, CA

WriteShop is inspired! … I haven’t seen anything in fifteen years that’s given such good results across the board. [Our school has] spent a lot of money in the past looking for something we can get excited about. We’re using WriteShop I and II in all our junior high classes.
Kathy | School administrator, CA

I believe in WriteShop so much that I would not teach writing to high schoolers with any other curriculum.
Dorie | Co-op teacher, CA

I am a language arts teacher in Washington who had the pleasure of using WriteShop in a parent partnership program recently. Everyone loved it and I have to say, I was really impressed with your work. After teaching 10 years in a private school, I wasn’t a fan of using any texts, so didn’t. However, once I worked with homeschooling families, I used every one of those lessons in WriteShop.  
Sue | Classroom and co-op teacher, WA

It is absolutely the best writing program on the homeschool market. We adapted well to a once-a-week homeschool co-op … a good experience both for avid and reluctant writers.
Sharla | Co-op teacher, GA

WriteShop has provided me with a great teaching tool. Writing assignments enlist the students’ experiences, skill builders offer concrete practice in sentence variations, and student checklists teach self-editing. The teacher’s checklist and evaluation sheets provide practical help for grading compositions, and the teacher’s manual is thorough … a great hands-on program for classes or individuals. 
Peggy | Co-op teacher, CA

WriteShop Junior Teacher Testimonials

I taught WriteShop Junior D at my co-op this current school year. I loved it!
Danielle | Co-op teacher, VA

The model and teach activities in Junior F have been an especially excellent tool this year; they allow my students the ability to laugh and create together in a non-threatening way. Thank you to everyone at WriteShop for facilitating their joy!
Laura F. | Classroom teacher, CA