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4 story starters for young writers | Homeschool writing ideas for kids

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Story starters for young writers give your littlest homeschooers a chance to dream up an outdoor adventure filled with adventure and mystery!

Sunlit beaches, grassy hillsides, and old-fashioned gardens have inspired plenty of stories over the years. Give your littlest homeschoolers a chance to craft their own outdoor adventure tales with these four story starters for young writers.

We provide the first line of each paragraph. A child’s imagination will fill in the rest! If your little one is still a prewriter, you can write the stories as they tell you what they want to say.

You’ll love these draw-and-write journal books for young children, which provide a place for both a drawing and some story text.

1. Secret of the Blue Cocoon

First Line:
Wherever the blue butterfly landed, strange events seemed to follow.

2. A Kite’s Quest

First Line:
“Where are you going?” the wind asked the runaway kite.

3. High Tea Mystery

First Line:
The garden party invitation was mysterious: Bring your own teacup and a fingerprint kit.

4. Clue at the Picnic

First Line:
When I sliced the watermelon open, I never expected to find a secret message inside.