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Solid Roots: A Firm Foundation in Writing and in Life

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Encouragement, Teaching Homeschool Writing

Solid Roots: A Firm Foundation in Writing and in Life

Deep and Shallow Roots

The other day in Phoenix, we had a monsoon storm, which isn’t unusual for this time of the year. I grew up on a farm in western Nebraska. I’m used to thunderstorms with glaring lightning and booming thunder, but I have never become accustomed to the oddity of a monsoon.

Except for the proverbial “hot,” Phoenix is not supposed to have weather! But suddenly, the wind whips, the rain pounds, the thunder crashes, and the mesquite trees tumble to the ground. Our “it’s a dry heat” city becomes an obstacle course of downed power lines, flooded streets, and fallen trees.

In Nebraska, I rarely see fallen trees with their root systems in the air. The trees in the country stand firm, regardless of the cantankerous weather. Those hardy fir, pine, elm, and cottonwood trees have deep roots—solid foundations—that have been storm hardened and time tested. Conversely, because many trees in the Phoenix metro area are fed a ration of water through a drip irrigation system, they can become top heavy—top-heavy trees with big canopies and shallow roots.

As I walked my dogs past the fallen trees, I thought about raising kids. I want my children to be deeply rooted in their faith, in their integrity, and in their academic skills. I want them to be able to weather the storms of life without becoming uprooted. As the new curriculum consultant for WriteShop, I have had the privilege to meet parents all over the United States who want the same thing.

These parents want to raise children who are deeply rooted and have solid foundations.

A Solid Writing Foundation

It’s easy in our modern and technology-driven world to focus on the showy and flashy bits and pieces of life, isn’t it? But, to me, writing is one of those meat-and-potatoes skills that helps our children succeed. Writing cuts across curriculum and across career choices. In my book, it’s fundamental—and not just for college, but for all of life. Writing fits into my passion to help young people grow a solid foundation.

I want them to be like the elms, pines, cottonwoods, and fir trees of Nebraska: deeply rooted and solid.

Misti Lacy | Curriculum Consultant and School Liaison As WriteShop’s curriculum consultant, Misti Lacy draws from her years of experience as a veteran writing teacher and homeschool mom to help you build a solid writing foundation. Whether you’re deciding on products for your family, exploring our program for your school or co-op, or needing someone to walk you through your WriteShop curriculum, Misti is your girl! She has a heart for building relationships with you and your kids, and through her warm encouragement, she takes the fear out of teaching writing. Contact Misti today! She’s delighted to walk with you along your WriteShop journey.