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Write paint chip stories | Easy writing ideas for kids

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Writing Games & Activities

Paint Chip Stories for Kids

Moms love summertime writing activities that are creative, stress-free, and fun. Why not invite your children to write paint chip stories? It’s one idea that’s simple enough to try today!

1. Choose Paint Chip Colors to Tell a Story

Paint chip samples often have interesting names. Some of these names are so descriptive, they could become elements in a story! Take a quick trip to the hardware store and pick up a handful of paint chips. Then, using the paint chips as inspiration, invite your kids to write some clever stories.

If you can’t make it to the paint department, visit this Benjamin Moore Color Families resource to browse through the amazing selection of color names. Alternatively, simply have each child choose five words from the list of actual paint chip color names below.

Painted Sky
Tropical Holiday
Wheat Field
Gentle Rain
Baked Scone
Pebble Path
Garden Wall
Calm Air
Scotland Road
Cloudy Day
Cup of Cocoa
Early Morning
Ballerina Gown
Happy Camper
Secret Garden
Copper Mountain
Heirloom Lace
Cozy Cottage
Golden Bear
Koala Bear

2. Write Paint Chip Stories

Turn this into a fun oral activity so your children can play with story ideas. Summarizing a main idea in just a sentence or two is a great skill to learn and practice.

Then, let the kids run with their favorite ideas and write a descriptive story. Younger children can tell their stories out loud while you write them down. Afterwards, they might enjoy drawing a colorful picture about their story. They might also enjoy this free paint chip writing prompt printable!


  1. Choose Your Chips: Pick five favorite paint chip color names as a story springboard.
  2. Set the Scene: Tell your story’s main idea using all five of the chosen color names.
  3. Write Your Story: Write a descriptive story using all five of the chosen color names.
  4. Draw a Picture: Younger children usually love making a colorful drawing of their story.


  1. Choose Your Chips: Copper Mountain, Campground, Moon, Pebble Path, Golden Bear
  2. Set the Scene: Charlie and Meredith go on a nighttime walk near their campground and run into a bear.
  3. Write Your Story: Use vivid description to write a paint chip story based on your main idea.

Your Turn

Share five paint color names you would use to write a paint chip story. For added fun, tell your story’s main idea!