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Invent an ice cream flavor! Homeschool printable writing prompt

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Making a stop at a traditional ice cream shop with dozens of flavors to drool over is one of my favorite ways to wrap up a hot summer day. In this month’s free printable writing prompt, your young writers imagine and describe an original ice cream flavor that makes their taste buds tingle.

Encourage your children to use their imagination to visualize the fictional scene before they start writing.

  • What are your favorite ingredients and flavors in ice cream?
  • What would it look like, taste like, and feel like?
  • What original name would you give it that would make it sound yummy while explaining what it is?

After this verbal brainstorming, give them the free printable writing prompt to draw and describe this new ice cream concoction.

Ice Cream Flavor #32 writing prompt

You have been asked to invent a new ice cream flavor. Draw a picture of your creation and write a tempting description.

Ice cream flavor writing prompt • free from WriteShop

Download your free ice cream printable writing prompt

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