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20 reasons homeschool parents love WriteShop

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Encouragement, WriteShop I & II, WriteShop Junior, WriteShop Primary

We know kids love WriteShop, but what about parents? To find out, we asked 20 homeschool moms to give us their uncensored opinions. Their answers well represent the scope of feedback we’ve received over 20 years of creating and selling WriteShop curriculum.

What a joy to see their answers and to know that WriteShop is making writing a delightful part of their homeschool day. When we hear that parents have confidence to teach and that kids are eager to compose, we give a little “Yes!” fist pump.

Which of these twenty reasons resonates most strongly with your own experience? Leave us a comment below to let us know. And if you don’t have any WriteShop experience yet, get started by taking the Placement Quiz to find your perfect level.

1. Extraordinary Fun!

Ana Willis from They Call Me Blessed

My kids and I love the fun, engaged, and hands-on writing lessons WriteShop Junior provides. The days we have our writing lessons are so exciting! My favorite part is to brainstorm their writing together and then watch my kids edit their writing on their own. Our lessons are so much fun it doesn’t even feel like we’re doing school at all.

Ana Willis from They Call Me Blessed. Connect with her in her community.

2. Writing Mastery

Shannan from Captivating Compass

Teaching writing or coming up with creative writing ideas can be a challenge. Thankfully I found WriteShop I & II. There is always something to write about now! My kids love writing about all the different holidays and topics. I love that my middle & high school kids are mastering writing.

Shannan from Captivating Compass. Connect with her on her Facebook page.

3. Not Overwhelming

Christine Zell from This Bit of Life

I love that WriteShop is not overwhelming for a new writer! It starts out slow and gives the kids all the tools that they need so that they can slowly build on what they know to become great writers.

Christine Zell from This Bit of Life. Connect with her on her Facebook page.

4. WriteShop Gets It

Courtney from Grace, Grow & Edify.

We love WriteShop because they get it when it comes to not overcomplicating the writing process. WriteShop also knows that our children are better engaged when the lessons are simple yet effective. WriteShop makes language arts painless for the whole family.

Courtney from Grace, Grow & Edify. Connect with her on her Facebook page.

5. Teaching Students and Parents Together

My favorite thing about WriteShop is how it teaches students to write while also helping parents teach writing. I’m grateful for the step-by-step skill building lessons for students, but having that guidance for editing and evaluating, addressing errors, and providing constructive comments makes the role of writing mentor a lot more manageable!

Emily from Table Life Blog. Connect with her on Instagram.

6. Confidence

Emily Allison from Our Little Slice of Heaven

WriteShop has taken the guesswork out of teaching writing to my kids. I love that the lessons are completely planned out—even down to the words to say. This curriculum has boosted my confidence as the teacher and made our lessons stress-free and enjoyable!

Emily Allison from Our Little Slice of Heaven. Connect with her on Instagram.

20 Reasons Parents Love WriteShop

7. Constructive Feedback

Heidi Ciravola from Starts At Eight

One of the main things I love about WriteShop I & II is how well it equips you as the parent to evaluate and grade your child’s writing. The multiple pages of specific positive and encouraging comments help you be both constructive and uplifting, going beyond just “Great job” and “Nice work!”

Heidi Ciravola from Starts At Eight. Connect with her on Facebook.

8. Structure with Flexibility

We’ve tried a number of other writing programs and they all fell off in one of two ditches. Either they were too rigid and didn’t allow for any creativity, or they were so flexible I wondered if my kids were actually gaining any measurable writing skills. Write Shop offers structured learning with flexible options!

Lynna Sutherland from Homeschooling without Training Wheels. Connect with her on Facebook.

9. WriteShop Makes Essays Easy

My teens have used WriteShop in a homeschool co-op class, and it’s been great. But why take my word for it? My son says, “WriteShop’s simple, easy to understand revising checklists helped me revise my essays and greatly improved my writing skill. The grammar worksheets were always fun to work through, and they made concepts understandable.” My daughter says, “I love the organization of WriteShop, with clear, direct checklists and assignments.”

Amy Sloan from Humility and Doxology. Connect with her through her podcast.

10. A Teacher’s Toolkit

Marcy Crabtree from Ben and Me

The WriteShop I & II Teacher’s Manual gave me all the tools I needed to ensure my son became a skilled writer. It turned me into a confident writing teacher!

Marcy Crabtree from Ben and Me. Connect with Marcy on Pinterest.

11. Creative Freedom with a Solid Foundation

We love WriteShop because it gives my daughters the freedom to be creative while still providing a solid framework for developing strong writing skills. WriteShop provides the essential elements of successful written communication: creativity blended with structure.

Sara Jordan from Heart and Soul Homeschooling. Connect with her on Facebook.

12. Montessori Meets Charlotte Mason

Penny Rogers from Our Crazy Adventures In Autismland

For my highly visual hands on learners, WriteShop’s games and graphics keep their attention to make them forget they don’t like writing.

Penny Rogers from Our Crazy Adventures In Autismland. Connect with her on Facebook.

20 Reasons Parents Love WriteShop Homeschool Writing Curriculum

13. Incremental Approach

I love the incremental nature of WriteShop I. Many of the assignments are no longer than two to three paragraphs, giving students the opportunity to build mastery on a foundational level before attempting to produce longer compositions and reports. We can see real progress through small projects that feel completely manageable.

Sophie from My Cup Runs Over. Connect with her on Instagram.

14. Empowers Me as a Teacher

WriteShop’s programs have not only given our children a strong writing foundation, but they have also taught me how to instruct them in the writing process, evaluate their work, and offer constructive feedback.

Jolanthe Erb from Homeschool Creations.

15. Strong Writing Foundation

WriteShop helped give all four of my children the writing foundation they needed to take them through high school, college, and beyond. It also provided me all the tools and encouragement I needed to be confident in teaching.

Michelle Osborn from Yellow House Book Rental. Connect with her on Facebook.

16. Enthusiastic Writers

WriteShop Primary and Junior took my kids from reluctant writers, who would do anything to avoid writing lessons, to enthusiastic writers who are excited to see writing on their daily agenda! The high-interest lessons make writing their favorite part of the homeschool day!

Meredith at From Meredith to Mommy. Connect with her on Instagram.

17. Fun for Kids & Easy for Parents

Jennifer from MamaJenn.com

When it comes to a writing curriculum that works for both me and my kids, I look for three things. Is it fun and engaging for my kids? Is it easy for me to teach? Will it make my kids better writers? WriteShop answers every single one of the questions with a resounding yes!

Jennifer from MamaJenn.com. Connect with her here.

18. Plenty of Practice

ToriAnn Perkey of Homeschool to Homeschool

I also love the quantity and quality of writing skills practice that WriteShop I & II includes. There are three included in each lesson, and each builds on the last. These are a fabulous way for kids to practice skills that they can use over and over in their writing.

ToriAnn Perkey of Homeschool to Homeschool. Connect with her on her YouTube channel.

19. Prepares Teens for College Writing

April Nourse

Last fall, both girls enrolled at a local university for dual credit classes. They both tested out of Intro to Composition, which we recently discovered is not a common accomplishment. Furthermore, [our oldest] has completed college Composition 1 and 2, both with As. We are sure that this success is directly related to their experience with WriteShop.

April Nourse

20. Perfect for the Dyslexic Learner

Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia

Love this program … It is perfect for the dyslexic learner because of its explicit, systematic, multisensory instruction. What’s more … my kids like it!

Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia

WriteShop I and II curriculum will not only teach your teens how to write, it will show you how to teach homeschool writing.

All WriteShop products offer schedules, tips, activities, lesson plans, and checklists that help you teach effectively and edit and grade high school writing with an objective eye. Because it’s all laid out for you, your confidence will soar!

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