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Homeschool writing centers from Pinterest

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Homeschooling, Resources & Links

Looking for some fun homeschool writing centers? Pinterest has loads of ideas for permanent or portable writing centers to fit your teaching space!

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A designated writing center in your home not only invites your kids to write and create, it provides a space to corral all the writing supplies so they’re handy and available whenever the muse (or the assignment!) strikes. Large or small, a writing center is just one feature of your homeschooling space. Below, I’ve gathered ideas for writing centers from Pinterest that fit every home, whether you have a sprawling schoolroom or no room to spare.

1. Over-the-Door Pocket Writing Center

Handy yet space-saving, an inexpensive see-through shoe organizer that hangs on the back of a door makes a great place to stash writing supplies. Some, like this one, have a couple of larger pockets to accommodate paper too. I love how A Bowl Full of Lemons has organized this vinyl organizer.

This over-the-door writing center from A Bowl Full of Lemons is one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

A Bowl Full of Lemons

2. Writing Center in a Bag

My friend Maureen at Spell Outloud organizes writing supplies in a portable tote. This All-Purpose Organizing Utility Tote comes in tons of patterns! It’s sturdy enough to hold teacher’s manuals, paper, and folders. Side pockets hold pens, pencils, and more. If you’re using WriteShop Junior, this is a fabulous way to keep everything you need at the ready.

This portable writing center from Spell Outloud is one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

Spell Outloud

3. Writing Center for Primary Ages

Here are tons of ideas that especially cater to young writers in kindergarten to third grade. You’ll find storage solutions of all kinds along with ideas for stocking your writing center with brainstorming and writing supplies, reference books, and creative publishing tools.

Ideas for primary kids' writing spaces - just one of many ways homeschool writing centers from Pinterest

4. High School Writing Center

When your kids enter high school, they’ll trade fancy paper and markers for slightly more sophisticated writing tools. Here’s a list of supplies you may want to consider for your teen’s writing center.

This high school writing center from Following in HIs Steps is one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

Following in His Footsteps

5. Writing Nook

A tabletop (or similar surface) paired with rolling storage work together to create a writing, notebooking, and lapbooking center. This one is part of a larger schoolroom that took over the family dining room, but it can also find a home in any available corner of your home.

This writing center from Home Schoolroom is one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

Home Schoolroom

6. Mobile or Dedicated Writing Center Ideas

If you’re not sure what sort of writing center will work for you, check out this post. You’ll find suggestions for establishing and stocking both permanent and portable centers, along with ideas for younger children and teens.

Different ideas for creating both portable and permanent homeschool writing centers

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


You might want to create a specialty writing center! Whether it’s a little cubby for your preschooler’s writing supplies, a super-portable tin or box that takes up no room at all, or a temporary writing center devoted to a special area of study, one of these ideas may be just the ticket.

1. Mini Writing Center in a Box

Fill a tin or small box with paper, stationery, envelopes, stickers, and writing tools your younger children can call their own, such as this one:

This portable writing center from Adventures in Mommydom is one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

Adventures in Mommydom

2. Subject-Specific Writing Station

Here’s a brilliant idea! Create a temporary writing center dedicated to a topic you’re going to be studying for several weeks or a month. This birds writing station invites children to explore and write about birds. It includes writing prompt cards, bird fact cards, bird booklets, and bird-themed lined paper. You could make similar writing stations devoted to sharks, flowers, Japan—whatever! What are you studying about? The possibilities are endless.

Birds Writing Center from Spell Outloud - one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

Spell Outloud

3. Portable LEGO Story Folder

Do you have a LEGO lover? Boys can be prone to reluctance when it comes to writing, but this LEGO-themed writing folder may turn his crank! It may not be a traditional “writing center,” but because it’s slim and portable, he can take elements for his stories wherever he goes! As an added bonus, you’ll find printable LEGO story pages here too.

This LEGO story folder from Homegrown Learners is one of many homeschool writing center ideas from Pinterest

Home Grown Learners

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