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Expository journal prompts for high school | Exploring past, present, & future

by | Feb 7, 2018 | High school, Writing & Journal Prompts

Expository journal prompts for high school | Teens explore topics that in some way tie the past to both present and future.

What do futuristic robots, forgotten time capsules, and the search for eternal youth have in common? Here are three expository journal prompts for high school students, each of which explores topics that in some way tie the past to the present, the future—or both. Which of these engaging and thought-provoking writing prompts will your teen choose first?

1. Robot Revolution

Robots used to be the stuff of futuristic science fiction, yet today they are a growing and ever-present reality. Do you think robots will become as much a part of our everyday life as cell phones, laptops, and microwave ovens? Write an expository essay explaining your reasons, giving examples to illustrate and support your thesis.

2. The Search for Eternal Youth

The idea of eternal youth has captivated people for centuries. Legend says Juan Ponce de León sailed to the New World in search of the Fountain of Youth. Today, with anti-aging products flooding the market, more people than ever—both women and men—seem anxious to turn back the clock on their faces and bodies. Do you believe modern society is obsessed with youth? Write an expository essay in which you use specific examples and illustrations to develop your points.

3. Time Capsule

If you could place one item from this year in a time capsule to be opened in 100 years, what would you choose? Write an essay in which you explain the item’s significance and tell why it so accurately represents American (or European) culture of today. Support your choice with several specific reasons and examples.

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