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Mother’s Day: Homeschool writing projects fit for a queen

by | May 7, 2018 | Writing Games & Activities

Treat Mom like a queen with these Mother’s Day writing projects! Homeschool children will enjoy writing royal proclamations, menus, and fairy tales.
Guest Post by Daniella Dautrich

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for children to show Mom she is the family’s cherished queen. When it comes to handmade gifts, your homeschool kids are sure to love our palace-perfect Mother’s Day writing projects.

This year, why not give your kids some gentle hints that you’re hoping for the royal treatment? To begin with, make paper crowns to stash away for Sunday. Use felt or silk flowers if you’re feeling fancy, of course!

Older children will need little more than supplies and ideas to create their original Mother’s Day surprises. If you still have small children, pass along these ideas to a grandparent, Dad, or older sibling.

Write a Royal Proclamation

One hundred years ago, President Wilson signed his Mother’s Day Proclamation to announce a new national holiday. Your children can write their own Mother’s Day proclamation with a fun medieval twist!

Begin by gathering a large sheet of paper, at least 11×17 inches. White butcher paper or light-colored, non-shiny wrapping paper would work well. Your kids will also need a thick black or brown marker.

The proclamations can include several items:

  • Official opening such as Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known throughout (street / city / state) that today is hereby proclaimed a celebration in honor of (Mom’s full name)
  • List of ways the family will celebrate Mom
  • Gifts the family must present, such as hugs, kisses, kind words, cheerful obedience, cards, flowers, hour of alone time
  • List of things Mom is not allowed to do, including specific chores, cooking, errands)

Attach wooden dowels or paper-towel tubes to the top and bottom of the finished proclamation (for easier reading by the town herald). Then roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a pretty ribbon.

Write a “Real-Life” Fairy Tale

Mother’s Day is a day to remember that fairy tales do come true! When hinting at Mother’s Day writing projects, encourage your artistic child to write and illustrate a fairy tale especially for the homeschool Mom.

Provide your little storyteller with plenty of blank sheets of white paper or cardstock. Use a three-hole punch on these pages ahead of time. Also, use a ruler to draw several lines at the bottom of each page where the text will go. Or simply download this free printable crown-themed lined paper!

For the illustrations, make sure your child has access to family photos, scissors, glue sticks, and plenty of crayons or sharpened colored pencils.

The story can go in any direction. Ideas could include:

  • Traditional opening such as: Once upon a time…
  • Wedding where the princess (Mom) marries her prince (Dad)
  • Sparkling castle built just for the new queen
  • Wardrobe full of beautiful outfits for the queen to wear

When the story is finished, tie ribbons through the three sets of punched holes to keep the pages together. Or, display the story in a small binder with a decorated cover.

Write a Royal Menu

Every Mom looks forward to Mother’s Day tea, brunch, or breakfast in bed. Encourage your family to set the table or breakfast tray with a custom menu that adds the royal touch! Here are some ideas to get them started:

  • Use a rectangular piece of heavy cardstock for the menu.
  • Write a fancy title, such as: Blissful Mother’s Day Breakfast.
  • Write creative titles for each of the menu items, such as: Golden Nugget Breakfast Potatoes, Melodious Melon Salad, Enchanted Meadows Spinach Quiche, & Carefree Creamed Coffee.
  • Design a decorative border around the menu with markers and stickers.

Whatever your royal celebration looks like, we wish all homeschool moms a beautifully blessed Mother’s Day!

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Daniella Dautrich enjoys writing, crafting, cooking, and making memories with her Mother.