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Back-to-school essentials | Your quick-click guide for preschool to college

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Gift Guides, Homeschooling, Resources & Links

Inspire successful learning this school year with back to school essentials kids of all ages will love, from toddlers to college-bound teens!

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It’s Back-to-School Time!

If you’ve ever dreamed of your very own personal shopper, especially during back-to-school season, you’ll love our QUICK-CLICK GUIDE to 107 carefully curated back-to-school essentials! There’s something for every budget.

This list doesn’t JUST include your standard-issue pencils and paper—it also features a fun assortment of goodies that will make everyone excited to start school again. And the best part? Whether your kids are homeschooling or in traditional school, there’s something for everyone— from toddlers to teens!

Preschool Playschool

Preschoolers learn best through imaginative play, which puts hands-on activities at the top of the list. Young children love activities like this engaging story basket. Your little ones can spend hours on this type of “play learning,” freeing you up to work with the older kids. Or, you can play too!

Story Basket Fillers

Let’s Play School!

Kindergarten Corner

Will kindergarten be the first year you do “real school” with your young child? If so, focus on fun and keep learning light with a combination of schoolwork and play. Look for homeschool essentials that bring balance to your kindergarten year.

Elementary Essentials

Pencils, paper size, and a backpack in the perfect color: these are the back-to-school supplies elementary kiddos will love choosing on their own. Have fun browsing through these elementary essentials.

Middle School Must-Haves

What happened? School just got really serious. Say goodbye to the Snoopy binder and unicorn backpack—your homeschooler is in middle school now! Chin up, mama. Tweens still need your direction, even for school supplies. These middle-school must-haves will keep you firmly in the “too cool for school” camp.

High School Headquarters

During the high school years, most moms learn to master the subtle art of suggestion. Gone are the days when you can simply tell your teens what they’ll need for school. They’re growing up, but don’t worry—it’s a good thing! Feel confident about handing over some responsibility of choosing supplies and marvel at the young person transitioning to adulthood right before your eyes.

Just remember … it’s still your credit card. 🙂

College Collection

Nothing here can prepare you for the transition from high school to college. Trust me, the first time you help your baby set up a dorm room will probably wreck you. Even commuter college comes with challenges. It’s a whole new world! This college collection of back-to-school essentials is infused with wisdom from a homeschool veteran who’s been there. Go ahead, dry your eyes and get your shop on.

Back-to-School Essentials for Mom

Regardless of the phase of homeschooling you find yourself in, we all need a little reminder of why we’ve put so much effort into teaching and learning.  Hang on to these simple back-to-school essentials just for you.

WriteShop Junior | A homeschool writing curriculum that makes writing fun!

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Writing Curriculum for All Ages

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Teaching writing has never been easier! Whether you’re a new or veteran homeschooler, we encourage you to explore our website and blog to see how WriteShop can help you along your homeschooling journey.