Sweet treats: Silly journal prompts kids will love

Sweet treats: Silly journal prompts kids will love •WriteShop 

Make homeschool writing time a little more fun (and sweeter) this week with these silly journal prompts about candy, ice cream, sugar, and cookies.

1. Frosty Dream

An ice cream company has asked you to invent a new flavor. Draw a picture of your creation and write a tempting description.

2. Red Alert!

If all the sugar in the world turned into salt, what would happen to candy stores and their owners?

3. Monsters in the Kitchen

Write a story about a child who turns into a cookie monster and eats only cookies to survive.

4. How Sweet it Is

Imagine that you are escorted to Birthdayland. In this magical world, children eat pieces from gigantic frosted cakes and open presents that fall from hot air balloons. Describe the strange sights and the children you meet. How do you feel after a night in this land? Do you want to go home for your real birthday?

5. The Brush-off

If your toothbrush could talk, what would it say to a chocolate bar? How would the chocolate bar respond?

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