Schools and Co-ops


Homeschool writing co-op classFind answers to frequently asked questions about using WriteShop in a classroom environment.
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Educational Discounts and Site Licenses

WriteShop offers a wide range of purchasing options, both for small homeschool co-op classes and large school districts. Find out whether it is more cost-effective for your school or group to purchase books or site licenses.
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Purchase Orders

Schools may send purchase orders to

Teacher Testimonials

Read comments, feedback, and praise from classroom and co-op teachers who have used WriteShop with success.
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Is WriteShop Secular?

This question is of particular concern to public school  districts and charter schools that are considering WriteShop for their students. Learn more about faith-based content and WriteShop.
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Handbook for Teaching in a Group Setting | WriteShop I & II

The Handbook is a helpful digital resource that supplements the Teacher’s Manual for WriteShop I & II. It includes teaching tips, classroom management ideas, editing and grading suggestions, suggested teaching schedules, and more.
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Video Courses and Grading Services

No WriteShop classes in your area? Perhaps a WriteShop I or II video course is the answer to your needs. Learn more about teaching, editing, and grading options that are available to your family.
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  • Posted September 10, 2015


    I’m taking WriteShop2 at my co-op. It is so much fun. I hated writing but, seriously, this really is fun and I have learned a lot.

    • Posted September 10, 2015

      Kim Kautzer

      Ashton: Thank you for letting us know how much you’ve been enjoying WriteShop 2!

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