7 Father’s Day journal prompts

7 Father's Day journal prompts • WriteShop

Whether writing the inside of a card for Dad or journaling about the special man in their life, your kids are sure to find inspiration with these Father’s Day journal prompts. From our family to yours, happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day journal prompt #1 Remember When?

What is your earliest memory of your dad? Use your five senses to describe the people and items in the scene.

Father’s Day journal prompt #2 Ask Dad

What was the best piece of advice your father ever gave you? Write about the effect his words and example have had on your life.

Father’s Day journal prompt #3 Perfect Fit

Choose one item to describe your dad. Is it a saxophone? Mechanical pencil? Bicycle? Hammer? Camp stove? Write about why you chose this item to represent him.

Father’s Day journal prompt #4 Shh! It’s a Surprise!

If you could plan a surprise vacation for Dad, what would it be like? Who would go on this trip, and where would they go? Describe the kind of hotel (or tent) your dad would stay in and the activities he would do.

Father’s Day journal prompt #5 Way, Way Back, Many Centuries Ago…

Do you have a photo of your dad when he was  your age? Describe his appearance in the photo, including his clothing styles and facial expression. Explain the action he was doing when someone clicked the camera.

Father’s Day journal prompt #6 Any Dream Will Do

What is your father’s vision for his family? What are his goals for his marriage and his dreams for his children? If you’re not sure, sit down and ask him. Write down his answers and ways your family can work together to make these dreams a reality.

Father’s Day journal prompt #7 Thank You

Write about why you are grateful to have a father in your life. Include at least three reasons you’re thankful for him!

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