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Should outside classes be part of your homeschool?

I was a hands-on homeschooler. I loved lesson-planning, teaching, and learning alongside my kids. But now and then, and for various reasons, we participated in outside classes. Often, I was the one who gathered a group of children and taught a four-week art class, a...

Help reluctant writers describe food, people, and places

Narration is a wonderful tool for coaxing stories, descriptions, and letters from a young writer, especially a more reluctant one. Previously (Tip #1), I talked about using a tape recorder to encourage verbal storytelling. Sometimes, though, a child is still not ready...

6 simple truths about writing with kids

6 simple truths about writing with kids

1. Kids only want to write a paper once. But getting it right the first time is pie-in-the-sky. Perfectionism sets your child up for failure. 2. The writing process is a lot like scrapbooking. >> Analogies are great teaching tools! Let's say you have a dozen photos to...