Writing prompts about unusual pets

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Writing & Journal Prompts

If your kids enjoy exotic spiders and lizards (or go crazy for jellyfish and flamingos), then these writing prompts about unusual pets are for you!

Every child dreams of standing out from the crowd with a weird, colorful, or exotic pet. Tap into your kids’ wild dreams with these writing prompts about unusual pets.

1. Fuzzy Regulations

You just learned that pet llamas are forbidden within your city limits—outrageous! Write a letter to your city council explaining your opposition to this local law.

2. Reptile Style

With a tail three times his body length, your long-tailed grass lizard has spent months perfecting his talent for lasso tricks. Design a poster to advertise your pet’s amazing Western stunt show!

3. A Fine Feathered Canvas

Wilbur B. Williams, Esquire, hired the country’s premier portrait artist to paint the family pet—a most distinguished flamingo. In just three sentences, reveal how the artist felt when he was first introduced to this bird. Include facial expressions, hand gestures, and dialogue.

4. Arthropod Heartthrobs

Today, Ivy Sherwood will marry a young man who keeps fifteen spiders as his cherished pets. Imagine Ivy’s personality, appearance, and hobbies. Describe her to someone who has never met her before.

5. Sea Life Soliloquy

Write a short, persuasive speech titled, “Why Jellyfish Make Excellent Pets.”

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  1. marjan

    Thank you very much Kim. I log in from Iran and found your website amazing. I am using these ideas in my classes. Good luck!

  2. Linda S

    These would definitely inspire some fun story lines! Thank you for sharing these this week at the Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop 🙂

    • Kim Kautzer

      Glad you like them! I hope your kids enjoy some creative writing moments, Linda.


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