Writing prompts about thankfulness

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Writing & Journal Prompts

These writing prompts about thankfulness help children appreciate the kindness of others, the majesty of creation, and the meeting of their own needs.

It’s important to instill thankfulness into our children, for it’s a character quality that keeps them humble and appreciative throughout life. These writing prompts about thankfulness do just that, focusing on kindhearted people, the majesty of creation, and needs instead of wants. As Thanksgiving draws near, there’s no better time to turn your kids’ hearts toward others … and toward God!

1. The Works of His Hands

Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God! Do you know how God controls the storm and causes the lightning to flash from his clouds? Do you understand how he moves the clouds with wonderful perfection and skill? ~Job 37:14-16 (NLT)

Does nature draw you closer to God? Do you experience a thankful heart when you’re hiking in the woods, listening to waves crash, watching a painted sunset, or gazing at a sky filled with stars? Have you ever marveled at the details in a flower petal, the iridescence of a hummingbird’s feathers, or the intricacies of a seashell … and thanked God for being such a creative designer?

Make a list of 10 or more things in nature you’re thankful for. Think about creation’s most awe-inspiring, breathtaking, or quietly beautiful details, both large and small, to include on your list. Then write a thank-you note to God about why you think the marvels of his creation inspire gratitude in your heart.

2. With Appreciation

Think of a person in your life (such as a Sunday school teacher, grandparent, or neighbor) who does kind things for others without receiving much praise or credit. Write a simple card or letter thanking this person for their kind actions, their joyful attitude, and their positive example. If you don’t have an address or postage stamp handy, ask a parent to help you mail or deliver your letter.

3. No Thanks

Imagine a world where no one ever says “Thank you.” Write a paragraph telling what it would be like.

4. Needs vs. Wants

Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day, a time to remember the many things you’re thankful for. Some of those things are wants—not absolutely necessary for your well-being, but you’re mighty glad to have them. Others are needs—things you just cannot go without.

Write about two or three things you consider to be “needs.” (Since everyone needs food, water, clothing, and shelter, choose three different things that are important to you.) Explain why each one is a need and not merely a want, giving several reasons why it’s so important you can’t live without it.

These writing prompts about thankfulness help children appreciate the kindness of others, the majesty of creation, and the meeting of their own needs.


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