Handwritten notes: Christmas gifts from the heart

by | Dec 16, 2008 | Encouragement, Resources & Links

A gift doesn't have to be wrapped in fancy paper and tied up with ribbon. Handwritten notes and letters make lovely Christmas gifts from the heart!

One year for Mother’s Day, my son Ben wrote me a long, sappy letter dripping with affection and appreciation. I’m sure he figured that if he was sentimental enough, I wouldn’t notice that he didn’t get me a gift.

Know what? He was right!

Sometimes, the best present isn’t wrapped up in a box. It’s the genuine expression of love and appreciation that you tuck into an envelope in the form of a special note or letter.

Not sure who or how? Check out Christmas Gifts Worth Giving for some ideas. Then sit down as a family with a box of beautiful cards, pretty paper, stickers, colored pens, and rubber stamps and write Christmas gifts from the heart to those extra-special people in your lives.

Christmas Gifts Worth Giving is a chance to make writing truly practical.

Now go bless someone!

Photo: Jessica Spengler, courtesy of Creative Commons


  1. Tamara Burgh

    Greetings Write Minders,
    Recently my partner and I created a new website offering our first children’s story–The Christmas Scarecrow–and accompanying activity kit. I’m looking for genuine reviews and critiques. I would be happy to send a complimentary copy your way for your review and feedback.

    I’m happy to find your site and plan to refer to it regularly. With respect, Tamara

  2. Donna K

    Good ideas to practice writing.


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