How to write a Thanksgiving acrostic

Write a Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

LOOKING FOR a holiday activity? Divert your kids with a Thanksgiving acrostic poem!

  1. Write the word THANKSGIVING vertically on a sheet of lined paper. Using each of the letters, make a fun acrostic.
  2. Each line can be one word, a phrase, or a sentence. See how creative you can be!
  3. Poems can be left-aligned or centered.
  4. Afterwards, illustrate your acrostics or decorate the page with photos cut from a magazine.

I’ll start you off with a couple of examples.

First Thanksgiving

Thanking the Lord
Honoring Him
Abundant blessings
Needs met
Kneeling Pilgrims
Squanto’s help
Gifts of food
Indian corn
Indeed we are blessed
Neighbors have shared
God has provided

Thanksgiving at Home

T urkey time (I love the dark meat best!)
H oping the weather will turn cold
A untie’s apple pie—the best!
N ine plates around the table
K eeping family traditions
S tuffing my tummy with—what else?—stuffing!
G iving thanks for my family
I nviting our neighbor so he won’t be lonely
V egetables that I love (corn and green beans—yum!)
I think I am about to burst!
N aps for babies (and tired grandparents!)
G ames and laughter after dinner

Tuck this away for when the children begin to grow bored in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I know your family will enjoy playing with acrostics!


Photo: fivehanks, courtesy of Creative Commons.


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    Glad you enjoyed it, Alyssa!

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    This really help me at my homework!!!!:)
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    kortel stevenson

    wow i love these poems…..!!!!!!!!

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    i had so much fun reading ur poems and they were awesome i lied them so much!!!!!!!:)

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    ur poems were really AWESOME and COOL too it was fun reading them

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