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July writing prompt calendar for teens grades 7-12 • free from WriteShop

One of the best ways to ensure you stick with a daily writing habit is to have plenty of prompts on hand. Teens thrive when they are given boundaries with generous margins. The twenty writing prompts in this free printable July writing prompt calendar provide the perfect amount of structure to stimulate your high schooler while allowing for plenty of creative expression!

The calendar is not dated, so you can use it year after year whenever you need writing inspiration for your middle school or high school student. Each week features five different categories of prompts so your tween or teen isn’t stuck in a rut of only expository or only persuasive topics.

Example writing prompts from a week of the teen July writing prompt calendar

  • persuasive — Some families engage in a no-buy experiment for one year, not spending money on anything new beyond life’s necessities—no games or gadgets, no vacations, no shoes or clothes—and you think this is a great idea! Persuade your family to take this challenge by giving reasons and explaining the potential benefits.
  • creative — Our lives can be compared to pieces of clay, which are slowly molded and shaped into finished works of art. Write about the feelings of a potter or sculptor as—slowly but surely—his clay becomes something useful and beautiful.
  • argumentative — The Federal Trade Commission says bloggers, athletes, and celebrities must disclose when a company pays them to endorse a product. What if there were no law requiring this practice? Should they still reveal this information, or would it be okay not to explain their relationship with the company?
  • expository — With vivid, descriptive writing, relate the true story of an underdog who won a contest, earned a scholarship, or worked hard to become wealthy.
  • reflective — What is your earliest memory? How old were you? Using sensory details, write down everything you can remember about that moment.

Key to the 5 prompt types

1. Persuasive

The PERSUASIVE essay attempts to sway the reader to accept the writer’s position. Key Words: Persuade, convince, sway, argue, convert.

2. Creative

The CREATIVE essay tells a story or describes a situation, person, or location. Key Words: imagine, story, tell, describe, detail.

3. Argumentative

The ARGUMENTATIVE essay is developed from a thesis in which the student takes a stance/gives an opinion. Key words: Justify, prove, take a stance, agree or disagree, argue for or against, should you or should you not, why or why not.

4. Expository

An EXPOSITORY essay explains a premise. Key words: Define, describe, demonstrate, tell how, illustrate, explain, outline the steps needed, compare or contrast, distinguish between, show cause and effect, give examples.

5. Reflective

The REFLECTIVE Essay encourages students to analyze and write about their life, personality, and/or experiences. Reflective essays are much less academic in nature. Key words: your, you.

July writing prompt calendar for teens grades 7-12 • free from WriteShop

Ideas for using your teen July writing prompt calendar

There is no single way to use the calendar. It’s flexible, so you can make it work for you and your teenagers! Here are a few options.

  • Let a younger teen choose prompts that complement her skill level.
  • Invite your teen to highlight or cross off the prompts as she uses them.
  • Number the pages with the dates she has homeschool lessons in July.
  • Allow students to skip around on the calendar, choosing the prompts out of order.
  • Pin the calendar to a bulletin board (or affix to the fridge with magnets), where it will be seen daily.
  • Assign a certain number of the twenty prompts, letting your high schooler select the ones she prefers.
  • Tape or glue the calendar into a composition notebook or journal.
  • Focus on a different type of writing each week or month, choosing only those particular prompts.
  • Each month, select one or two of your teens’s daily journal entries to take through the full writing process for composing a complete essay.

If you would like to share this prompt with others, please link to this post instead of linking directly to the PDF file. Feel free to save and print this PDF file for your own personal use. Please do not sell or host these files anywhere else.

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Writing Prompt of the Day for grades 3-8 or 7-12

Take your pick! Download a July calendar PDF or get the free emails. Or get both for double the writing reminders.


  1. April

    Do you have prompts for tweens (9 to 12)? I know I need to get my girls writing more!

    BTW, I would love a Buy Year Challenge – I would love to have a year when we CAN actually buy extras!

    • Kim Kautzer

      April, your girls would probably love our other calendar for elementary ages. Most prompts are perfect for tweens. You can download it for free here:

      July Elementary Writing Prompt Calendar


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