Return Policy FAQ


What is WriteShop’s return policy on physical products?

If you are not satisfied with a print WriteShop book, return it postage-paid within 30 days of receiving your book(s), accompanied by a copy of your invoice. You will be refunded the purchase price of the merchandise. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Products do not need to be shrink-wrapped, but must otherwise be in perfect, resalable condition. We’re sorry, but we cannot offer refunds if products have any of the following problems:

  • Signs of use such as writing or highlighting
  • Missing or torn pages
  • Bent corners or creased pages
  • Scratched or marked cover
  • Obvious odors (such as cooking odors or cigarette smoke)

Do you accept returns on physical products after 30 days?

We realize circumstances can mean missing the 30-day deadline. Before sending a product back for a refund, please email our office to explain your situation and make sure we’re still able to accept your product for return. A 15% restocking fee will apply to late returns.

Can I return WriteShop products purchased elsewhere?

WriteShop only accepts returns for items ordered through this website or purchased directly from WriteShop at a homeschool convention. If you purchased a product from a curriculum seller other than WriteShop, you will need to contact the company you bought it from.

How do I return a physical product?

  • If you are returning a product that is no longer shrink wrapped, wrap it in plastic cling film (such as Saran Wrap®), to keep the pages from coming loose during shipping. (Do not use Glad Press ‘N’ Seal®, which can leave a residue.)
  • Do not affix tape or sticky notes to the book, as these can leave a residue.
  • Enclose a copy of your invoice. Include a note explaining your reason for return.
  • Do not insert anything—including your invoice—inside the book or binder.
  • Make sure your products cannot shift during shipping. This ensures maximum protection for the items. If the item does not fit snugly into the box, surround it with lightweight packing material such as crumpled paper (not newspaper) or bubble wrap. Please do not use peanuts for packing, as the static electricity generated can leave Styrofoam residue on the books. Secure the box with packing tape.
  • Return shipping is the buyer’s responsibility. We recommend Media Mail as the least expensive shipping option. Purchase of insurance and/or delivery confirmation is up to you. Although we have never had trouble with a lost package, a slight risk always exists. Keep a copy of your tracking number. We cannot issue a refund if we don’t receive the product. Please ship to:

WriteShop Returns
PO Box 9214
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701


Do you offer refunds for digital products?

Because digital products arrive in your inbox immediately, you have 30 days from purchase date to examine ebooks, PDFs, and MP3s. After 30 days, there is no refund on digital products.

If you’re having technical troubles, please check our Downloads FAQ first to look for an answer to your question. Should the problem persist, drop us an email.

When a refund is issued on digital products, you must completely delete the product. This includes electronic copies located on internal and external hard drives, flash drives, or other storage devices. You must also destroy any copies that were printed from the digital file.

Are WriteShop video courses refundable?

PlayWith.Education is the publisher of WriteShop video courses. Once PlayWith.Education contacts you with your student’s enrollment and login information, you have 30 days to examine the course and request a refund.

Do you give video course refunds after 30 days?

If a technical issue prevents you from using the website or accessing the video course, PlayWith.Education will be happy to work with you. However, if you have had access to the course for over 30 days and have not sought assistance during that time, there is no refund.

Contact PlayWith.Education

Should you miss the 30-day window, bear in mind that the video course remains available to you online indefinitely. As students mature, they often grow more comfortable with writing and develop a greater ability to watch the lessons and make use of the course, so even if it doesn’t seem to be a good fit right now, the course may suit your child in another year or two. Moreover, if the lessons don’t work for your current child, you might have a younger one who will love the course in a couple of years!

Are video courses transferable?

When you buy a video course, you are actually purchasing a license allowing you to access the course and use it with your immediate family only. This license never expires. Since the license is issued to a particular family, once a course has been purchased, it cannot be transferred or resold to another user.