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Do I Need a Homeschool Writing Curriculum to Teach My Child How to Write?

Of course your kids need to learn to write, but do you need a homeschool writing curriculum to teach them how? Not everyone does!

Of course your kids need to learn to write, but do you need a homeschool writing program to teach them? Not everyone does! It’s not always easy to decide if and when you need to use a writing curriculum in your homeschool.

You may NOT need a homeschool writing curriculum if you…

• Are a self-starter
• Keep the kids writing with a variety of assignments
• Feel confident teaching the steps of the writing process
• Include writing as part of other subjects
• Like coming up with your own writing lessons
• Make sure your children write several times a week
• Don’t worry too much about missing something

You MAY need a writing curriculum if you…

✔ Keep putting writing off “for another day”
✔ Aren’t sure about what to teach and when
✔ Worry you’re kids aren’t doing enough writing
✔ Like when lesson plans are laid out for you
✔ Prefer a more systematic approach to teaching
✔ Feel comfortable following a schedule
✔ Need help teaching certain kinds of writing
✔ Feel overwhelmed about planning your own writing lessons

Which type of homeschool parent are you?

If you fall into the “I need a homeschool writing curriculum” category, you’re in good company! Most of us do need a structured program—both to keep us on track and to teach us exactly how to guide our kids.

When you fall somewhere in the middle, you may be comfortable using a formal writing program every few years. Then you’ll have greater assurance you’re not omitting any big chunks from your children’s writing.

If you’re still not sure…

Do your children’s skills seem on track—even without a curriculum? Or do you see a few gaps in their writing mastery that a writing program would help shore up?

If you’re unsure, stop and check your kids’ current writing skills against these charts.

Even families with highly motivated or advanced writers can still benefit from a writing curriculum! Just because tweens and teens love to write doesn’t mean they’re writing effectively. Students who already have strong writing skills can still gain a lot from WriteShop, especially if they’re wordy writers who ramble or have trouble ending a story.

Without giving them the writing structure they need (either through a curriculum or your own instruction), you may be unwittingly setting your kids up for failure. Their writing skills become especially critical—and more challenging to teach—in the pre-teen and teen years.

Whether you’re teaching elementary ages, middle grades, or teens, WriteShop is a solid, parent-friendly writing program.

What you WILL find in WriteShop

☑ Clear teaching guidelines
☑ Step-by-step student instructions
☑ Lessons that teach the writing process
☑ Models, teaching scripts, and examples
☑ Tools that teach parents and students how to edit
☑ Graphic organizers and rubrics
☑ Fun, creative ways to brainstorm, write, and publish
☑ Materials that let you teach several children together
☑ Lessons that encourage struggling writers, yet challenge eager ones
☑ Multisensory learning approach

What you WON’T find in WriteShop

? Materials that tell kids to write but don’t teach them HOW
? Rigid lessons with little room for flexibility
? A full-blown grammar program
? Generic grading keys that leave you guessing

Get help choosing the best level

Since you’ve determined you need a homeschool writing program, what’s next? Start with this Placement Quiz, and go straight to the level that suits your child.

But if you still need help deciding, these guides will help you identify the best fit.

>> WriteShop Primary
>> WriteShop Junior
>> WriteShop I or II