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by | Jul 23, 2014 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Minecraft is all the rage. No wonder it’s getting easier to find Minecraft-inspired educational and writing activities to motivate your children!

Our last set of Minecraft writing prompts was so popular, we promised to come up with more. Now you can capture your reluctant writer’s interest with six new Minecraft writing prompts that encourage descriptive, narrative, and informative writing.

Capture your reluctant writer's interest with six new Minecraft writing prompts that encourage descriptive, narrative, and informative writing.

1. If You Build It

Use your imagination to design a Minecraft building such as a shop, cave dwelling, mansion, or theater. What will you design? How will you persuade others to come to your building? Make a list of 6-10 reasons why people will love this place.

2. Minecraft Scenario

After a terrifying shipwreck, you find yourself on a beach. You don’t know where you are, and it will soon be dark. What will you do?

3. Avatar Adventures

Write a story about your Minecraft avatar. How did you arrive in your world? What are some of your goals? Who are your allies?

4. It’s a Zoo!

You have been hired to build an enclosure for a Minecraft zoo. Choose a mob to live in your enclosure, and describe the enclosure you will build for them.

5. Tools of the Trade

Describe three Minecraft tools and explain how you like to use them.

6. Dear Grandma

Your grandma has never seen Minecraft, and she has asked you to help her understand it. Write a letter in which you explain what Minecraft is and why you enjoy playing the game.

Did you enjoy these writing ideas? If so, be sure to check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

More Minecraft Writing Prompts

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  1. Lindsey

    Thank you! These writing prompts are going to be perfect for our summer bullet journals to keep the kids practicing their writing!!!

    • Kim Kautzer

      Bullet journals for kids? What a fantastic idea, Lindsey!

      • Lindsey

        Yes I got each kid a journal for the summer to try to have everything in one place, calendar, chore lists, summer fun list, goals, writing activities. Trying to keep it simple so they can better track their own responsibilities and keep it fun, so it’s not just a work journal. Hoping it helps since they were virtual most of the year and their writing skills got set to the side. Thanks again!

        • Kim Kautzer

          This is so awesome! And you’re welcome! I’m sure they’ll have fun with these.

          We also have some cool LEGO prompts, if that floats their boat. 🙂


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