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 Did you know that the 21 days between Flag Day and Independence Day are officially known as “Honor America Days”?
Did you know that the 21 days between Flag Day and Independence Day are officially known as Honor America Days?

“On these days, U.S. Congress declares that there be public gatherings and activities during that period at which the people of the United States can celebrate and honor their country in an appropriate way.”  Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute

Keep summer learning more engaging with writing prompts that will inspire you to learn more about Honor America Days, our nation, and the American flag.

1. Patriotic Origins

With a parent’s permission, do a brief Internet search to discover the origin of Honor America Days. In your own words, write a paragraph summarizing what you have learned.

2. Honor and Service

A number of national holidays honor the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. Write an essay honoring an individual in your family who has served in the military. Alternatively, write about someone you’ve read about who served with distinction.

3. One Nation, One Flag

Describe a time when seeing the American flag on display created an emotional experience for you. Reflect on your own reaction, and describe the reaction of others who were also present at that event.

4. This Is My Country

Many people will celebrate Flag Day or attend an Honor America celebration. Will you? Write a reflection essay about what the American flag means to you, or reflect on what it means to you to be an American.

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