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Is imagery hard to explain?

Does poetry seem hard to understand?

You and your kids can answer, “Not at all!” after using Let’s Write Imagery Poems. This unit study gives your children (ages 8-14) step-by-step directions for using imagery to compose their own poems. Get the unit study for free for a limited time by subscribing to the WriteShop email list.

Let’s Write Imagery Poems

In this NEW poetry pack, kids learn to write three different poems that come to life through the use of imagery and sensory detail:

  1. Color Poems Using similes, metaphors, and emotion words, students compare a favorite color to objects and experiences they can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. Their five senses will help them come up with descriptive words and phrases. The result is a vibrant sensory poem that paints beautiful word pictures.
  2. Comparison Poems How is a fox like a cloud? How is a toaster like a dragon? While most poetry includes some form of imagery, the poems in this lesson are especially rich in figurative language. Children learn to combine poetic devices with descriptive adjectives, strong nouns, and active verbs to create a striking, imaginative poem.
  3. Shell Metaphor Poems As your kids study a seashell from every possible angle, they’ll begin to see how it reminds them of many things. From one angle, a shell might be a unicorn’s horn or a mighty drill. From another angle, it could be an ice cream cone or an Olympic torch. Your child’s point of view and vivid imagination will bring their Shell Metaphor to life!

No prior writing experience needed! Use this unit study for National Poetry Month or as an add-on to your composition or literature lessons. By using imagery when they write their own poems, your children will come to understand this common literary device with greater depth.

What Is Included in this Poetry Pack?

  • Introduction to figurative language and poetic devices
  • Teaching tips
  • Student poetry examples
  • 20 Printable Activities and Worksheets, including: Practice exercises, brainstorming worksheets, poem planning worksheets, word banks, and colorful lined writing pages

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