FAQ: Is WriteShop a complete grammar program?

WriteShop mail bagAnother popular question from our WriteShop mailbag: 

Q:  Do WriteShop I and II offer enough grammar for my student, or will I need to supplement?

A: WriteShop is not a complete grammar program. There is a strong focus on introducing, practicing, and reinforcing parts of speech, from concrete nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs to using appositives, prepositional phrases, and subordinate conjunctions. These grammar concepts are introduced by way of Skill Builders, which offer instruction and practice. The student then applies his new skills to current and future compositions.

The Blue Book of Grammar and PunctuationSentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization are not taught per se in WriteShop lessons; however, the student and teacher checklists require careful attention to mechanics. To receive a higher mark, a student must make sure he’s used complete sentences, avoided run-on sentences and fragments, and punctuated and capitalized correctly. For a high schooler who is strong in Daily Gramsgrammar from many years of Daily Gramsstudy, a grammar supplement such as The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation or Daily Grams should be sufficient. A junior higher, or a high schooler with poor grammar skills, will need to study grammar alongside the writing. Choose a more complete grammar program for such a student.

To teach other grammar concepts, such as subject and predicate, conjugation, inflection, diagramming, or advanced usage, you’ll also need a comprehensive grammar program.

For more information about WriteShop I for grades 6-10, and WriteShop II for grades 8-12, visit our website at writeshop.com.

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