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Choose a Level | WriteShop Junior

WriteShop Junior is a parent-directed writing curriculum for students aged 8- to 13-years old. These placement guidelines will help you choose the exact starting level in WriteShop Junior.

WriteShop Junior Book D

Target Range: 8- to 11-year-olds

Start with Book D if your 8- to 11-year-old needs to learn how to:

  • WriteShop Junior targets grades 3-6. This placement guide will help you choose the best starting level for your child.
    Identify and use proper grammar and punctuation
  • Identify and correctly use parts of speech
  • Narrow a broad topic to a specific topic
  • Brainstorm before writing
  • Write an adequate sentence
  • Write a basic paragraph
  • Choose strong words instead of weak ones
  • Use editing tools to correct and revise compositions

If your child is already somewhat confident in most of these areas, consider choosing Book E instead.
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WriteShop Junior Book E 

Target Range: 9- to 12-year olds

Start with Book E if your 9- to 12-year-old needs to learn how to:

  • WriteShop Junior targets grades 3-6. This placement guide will help you choose the best starting level for your child.
    Choose a point of view
  • Develop the middle of the story to make it interesting
  • Develop voice and show emotion in their writing
  • Vary sentence length
  • Write a book summary
  • Write an expository nonfiction report
  • Write a 5-paragraph composition

If the younger artwork will bother a more mature 11- or 12-year-old, consider choosing Book F or WriteShop I instead.

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WriteShop Junior Book F

Target Range: 10- to 13-year olds

Start with Book F if your 10- to 13-year-old needs to learn or review how to:

  • WriteShop Junior Book F Target: 5th & 6th grade (or reluctant 7th)
    Narrow a broad topic to a specific topic
  • Use graphic organizers to plan a story or report
  • Strengthen paragraph development
  • Improve sentence length
  • Describe characters, setting, and plot with vivid language
  • Use dialogue to show, not tell
  • Write a 5-paragraph composition
  • Write a research-based report

Most 12- or 13-year-olds can comfortably use WriteShop I instead. Book F can be a good fit for these older students if they would still benefit from hands-on activities. Otherwise, choose WriteShop I.

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Don’t Choose a Level That’s Too Young

Each WriteShop Junior level teaches specific skills within a range of ages, making it easier to choose the best place to begin the program. However, age and skill are not the only factors to consider when placing your student. Each student’s reasoning skills, emotional maturity, and ability to express ideas orally are also important considerations. So before you decide on a level, make sure to consider all of the factors.

If you have a non-writer, reluctant writer, or a writer struggling with complex tasks, choose to slow down over starting at a too-easy level. Bear in mind that it’s more important to choose a level that fits your student’s thinking skills, not their grammar, spelling, or writing skills. 

If you’re nervous your student has missed some vital skills, you can relax! Each WriteShop course can stand on its own, so you can jump in at any level and know your student will develop all the writing skills they need.

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