California Homeschool Convention: May 2012

IF YOU homeschool in Southern California, there’s a brand-new convention coming to town! With a great lineup of speakers and hundreds of curriculum exhibitors, you won’t want to miss the California Homeschool Convention this weekend, May 24-26.

The conference will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center. Visit the California Homeschool Convention for information, speaker info, and workshop schedule.

Visit the vendor booth

As you begin looking toward the next school year, it’s also the perfect time to stop by the WriteShop booth to ask questions, see what’s new, or browse through WriteShop books in person. Find us in Booth #319-321.

At the convention you can:

  • See our full line of WriteShop products
  • Purchase the newest WriteShop Primary books.
  • Thumb trhrough the exciting new WriteShop Junior materials.
  • Learn how you can teach a WriteShop co-op class in your area.
  • Receive much-needed encouragement about teaching writing.

Attend Kim Kautzer’s workshops

Kim is a featured speaker at the California Homeschool Convention.

Thursday, May 24 at 5:00 p.m. “Inspiring Successful Writers” (K-6)

Your kindergartener loves to tell stories but can hardly hold a pencil. Your 9-year-old is producing a novel. And the blank page reduces your 11-year-old to tears. What’s a parent to do? Kim will encourage and equip you to teach each of your children, whether reluctant or advanced, by breaking the writing process into manageable steps. Above all, discover how to infuse teaching time with fun so that your children will find joy in writing.

Friday, May 25 at 2:30 p.m.Ten Stumbling Blocks to Writing”

“I hate writing!” Is this the cheerful response you get when you give your kids an assignment? Then you’ll want to find out ten common stumbling blocks to writing and discover what students need in order to overcome their anxiety, fear, or lack of confidence. Learn how the steps of the writing process can actually motivate your most reluctant children, and gain tips and tools for encouraging their success.

Visit the California Homeschool Convention Website for more information. Will you be there?

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