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Middle school writing prompts about things that come in threes | Homeschool writing ideas

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Have you ever experienced things that come in threes? Whether this is an old wives’ tale or a silly superstition, it makes for interesting stories!

Folk tales, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes often feature elements of three, such as three little pigs, three blind mice, three wishes, or three guesses. Today’s fun writing prompts also feature elements of three. Which one will you write about first?

1. Three on a Beach

After a shipwreck, you have become stranded on a deserted island. One morning, an old chest washes up onto the beach. You open it to discover three items inside. What are they? Describe each one, and explain how you will use them to help you survive.

2. Three on a Plane

You’ve always dreamed of traveling overseas—and today you learned about a contest whose winner can visit any three countries in the entire world. Would you choose European countries? Would you want to visit countries in Africa or Asia? Maybe you’d love to fly to South America or the Caribbean Islands. Look at a map or globe and decide which three countries you’d like to travel to. Then, write an contest entry explaining your reasons for choosing each of these special places.

Like many fairy tales, these fun writing prompts also feature things that come in threes!

3. Three on a Journey

Fairy tales often adhere to the “rule of three.” That’s why you may notice such story ingredients as three sisters or three pitfalls. Today, write your own fairy tale or other story that includes the following elements of three. Your tale can be exciting, scary, or silly!

  • 3 main characters such as 3 brothers, 3 mermaids, 3 fishermen, or 3 princesses
  • 3 obstacles they must overcome
  • 3 gifts or rewards they receive at their journey’s end

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