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Writing prompts about {crazy} inventions

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Writing prompts about inventions

You’ve probably shared this saying with your kids: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Why not invite your creative children to dream up and write about unusual contraptions made from castoffs, junk, and recycled items? These writing prompts about inventions will give them a chance to think outside the box.

1. From Castoff to Blast Off

Your grandpa just gave you a huge box filled with junk and spare parts. Describe the rocket ship you will make from the items in the box and write a story about your adventure in outer space.

2. Foiled Again!

Describe three silly, clever, or practical things you could create with a roll of aluminum foil.

3. You Can Never Have Too Much Duct Tape

On a TV game show, you have won a lifetime supply of duct tape! Describe an outfit, costume, or item of clothing you could make from your unusual prize.

4. If You Build It …

Would you rather catch fireflies, snakes, or crickets? Choose one of these critters, and create an invention to trap or catch it. Sketch your design, label each of the parts, and number the parts in the order they are used. Describe how your design works.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In detail, describe a vehicle, piece of furniture, or musical instrument you can create from three or more of following discarded or broken items: old bicycle, soda bottles, aluminum cans, rope, CDs, blue jeans, dresser drawers, broom handles, wooden crates, car tires, PVC pipe, cardboard cartons, clock, batteries, wire, or marbles. 

What color will you paint your creation? What will you use it for?

5. Egg-zactly

Think of something you could build with an unlimited supply of egg cartons. Describe its features and its use.

6.  Junk-Drawer Hero

Think of three household items you could use to make a superhero costume. Describe their size, texture, and color, and tell how you will use them in your costume.

BONUS: Getting Crafty

Your crafty kids might love making a project, craft, or junk sculpture of their own. You’ll find tons of great ideas here:

If your kids enjoyed these creative writing prompts, be sure to check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays.