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WriteShop Junior Book E | 4th or 5th grade writing curriculum

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Teaching Homeschool Writing

WriteShop Junior Book E - Homeschool writing curriculum for 4th or 5th grade

Quotation Marks“WriteShop Junior is the most complete, fun and effective writing program we have found, and it makes teaching writing ‘do-able’ for me!” –Shyla, British Columbia

WriteShop Junior Book E

Second in our WriteShop Junior series, Book E is recommended for 4th and 5th grade, but many families use it successfully with 6th and 7th graders as well.

Moms and kids alike love Book E!

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“I used to feel so unprepared to teach writing and was frustrated when my son didn’t get it. With the tools offered in Book E, he’s now equipped to take on many kinds of writing.” –Krystin, Kentucky

“After using WriteShop Junior, my children no longer fear the ‘Great White Blank Paper.’ What was once overwhelming has become a manageable, step by step process.” –Hanlie, Michigan

About WriteShop Junior

Four components make up the WriteShop Junior Book E program. Two are required and two are optional.

1. Teacher’s Guide

WriteShop Junior Book E | Teacher's Guide The Book E Teacher’s Guide holds your hand as you lead your kids through the writing process. Each lesson follows a consistent format, but the varied and interesting activities mean your children will look forward to each day’s work.

Helpful schedules break the writing process into bite-size chunks that are easy for you to teach and easy for your kids to understand and master. Whether you have reluctant or motivated writers, this program offers flexible options so they can work at their own level.

Book E has 10 lessons (chapters). Most homeschoolers prefer the schedule that spreads each lesson over three weeks. Working three days per week, you’ll complete Book E in one school year. Here’s a peek at the Table of Contents:

  1. Fables (Character and Voice)
  2. Humor (Humor and Dialogue)
  3. Adventure (Scene and Setting)
  4. Science Fiction (Blending Fiction with Scientific Fact)
  5. Mystery (Elements of a Mystery)
  6. Concrete Poetry (Creating a Shape Poem)
  7. Personal Narrative (Intro to 5-Paragraph Writing)
  8. Descriptive Narrative (Describing Three Items or Events)
  9. Book Report (Responding to Literature)
  10. Nonfiction Report (Collecting Facts)

2. Activity Pack

WriteShop Junior Book E | Activity PackAn essential part of WriteShop Junior Book E, the Activity Pack is actually two workbooks in one! It contains both the Student Worksheets and the Level 2 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack:

  • Student Worksheet Pack: Includes 87 activity pages your child will use to complete portions of each lesson. Games, word banks, worksheets, and graphic organizers introduce children to lifelong writing skills such as brainstorming and self-editing.
  • Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack: Make 10 grammar and writing guides, each devoted to a different skill. Simple rules, engaging examples, and practice exercises make learning or reviewing grammar fun!

3. Time-Saver Pack (Optional)

WriteShop Junior Book E | Time-Saver PackInstead of creating and assembling your own game cards, spinners, and other tools to teach creative writing, busy moms like you will appreciate the Time-Saver Pack’s durable, ready-made props for many Book E activities.

The print version contains 20 sturdy pages printed on white and colored cardstock. Instructions for using each page may be found in the Book E Teacher’s Guide.

The Time-Saver Pack is completely optional; if you prefer to make your own props and cards, you’ll find instructions in the Teacher’s Guide as well. 

4. Junior Writer’s Notebook 1: Fun with Story Planning (Optional)

A writer’s notebook helps young writers develop stronger, more interesting stories and reports.

This special notebook is often called a “seed bed of ideas.” Some of these “seeds” will sprout and grow to become stories. Others will remain ideas that your child might explore and develop at another time. Junior Writer's Notebook 1 | Fun with Story Planning

WriteShop’s Junior Writer’s Notebook pages not only help improve writing skills, they make writing even more fun! These printable worksheets may be used:

  • Alongside any writing program to enhance the writing experience
  • As an optional resource that specifically coordinates with lessons in WriteShop Junior Book E


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. “My son is very challenging to homeschool so I am very surprised by his response to this curriculum. He LOVES it! The creativity WriteShop adds to each lesson is a plus for our family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” –Michelle M., Florida

“Love, love WriteShop. I think it ‘fits’ every child … even my high-functioning special needs boys. Excellent product!” –Deborah, Texas

Value Pack

WriteShop Junior Book E Value PackWe’ve assembled a Book E Value Pack for easy shopping! It contains all four components of WriteShop Junior Book E and is available in both PRINT and DIGITAL (PDF) formats.

WriteShop Junior Book E Value Pack

Download a sample lesson from WriteShop Junior Book E


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