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Synonym Bingo

GAMES ARE such a great way of teaching or practicing skills. When an activity is fun and engaging, learning happens more naturally. The best part? The kids don’t even realize they’re doing “schoolwork”!

To give your children practice with synonyms and help them better understand the subtlety of word meanings, play Synonym Bingo!


Printable bingo cards (blank or customizable)

Synonym word lists such as:

Bingo markers such as pennies or dried beans


  1. Choose 24 synonym pairs from one of your word lists. Circle one word from each pair. This will become your call list.
  2. If printing out blank bingo cards: Write the other word from each pair in a different square on the bingo cards. If several children are playing, scramble the order of the words so the cards are different from one another. Words on the card should not be synonyms of other words on the card. For example, write “large” or “big,” but not both.
  3. If using customizable cards: Type the words as directed by the website. It will generate the customized bingo cards and create a PDF for you to print.
  4. To play the game, call out one of the circled words on your list. Players then place a marker on the corresponding synonym. Play continues until a child covers five squares in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.


  • Give a list of 24 words to your child (but not their synonyms). Let her think of a synonym for each word and write it in a square. Use the list as your call list.
  • Play the game using homophones or antonyms.

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