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Simple words…

by | Jun 26, 2008 | Encouragement, Poetry

Baby's breathLife is fragile. Loss runs deep.

An email this morning from my son-in-law’s sister reminded me of this as she reflected on what would have been her little boy’s first birthday.

Stillborn, Brayden entered this world a year ago today. His short life has deeply impacted Sarah and her husband along with countless others who have grieved with them this past year. And though the Lord blessed them with another son just a month ago, they still feel Brayden’s death keenly.

Sarah asked family and friends to send her an email with a message she and Johnny could attach to the balloons they planned to release at Brayden’s resting place. This is what came into my mind as soon as my fingers touched the keyboard:

    B orn lifeless, yet we
    R emember you as if you have
    A lways been here with us.
    Y our name brings both sadness and
    D elight, and today we bless your memory.
    E ach day grows easier, yet we will
    N ever, ever forget you.

Fabulous poetry? Not really. Meaningful? Without a doubt.

Writing can be whimsical, funny, serious. It can take up pages and pages or just a line or two. The written word can inspire, encourage, or pay tribute. Think of the meaningful sentiments on those especially touching greeting cards. Sometimes all that’s needed is a simple little phrase that expresses a heartful of thoughts.

So don’t let your mind hold you hostage with lies that you dont have anything important to say. You do. Don’t believe for a moment that anything worth writing must be long or profound. This morning, Sarah’s note of thanks reminded me that my few humble words could bring healing and life.

Perhaps you have a few words to share with someone. A simple acrostic poem might be all you need to express your appreciation, love, sympathy, or congratulations.

Give it a try, you and your children . . . and please come back to leave a comment sharing your poem or other sentiment.