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Do You Have a Reluctant Writer?

Reluctant writers are easy to spot. Slumped over their paper, shoulders hunched up around their ears, pencil tightly gripped, worried expression on their face—these are the kids who need our constant direction and redirection.

No shortage of words, just a shortage of skills needed to get ideas onto paper.

My son Ben had some learning challenges that contributed to delayed learning and reluctant writing. From the time I began homeschooling him in kindergarten until he was 14 or 15, I had to stay closely involved with his writing. Whether it meant prompting his writing with questions and dialogue or letting him dictate to me while I wrote his words down, my purposeful involvement gave wings to the ideas that swirled around in his busy mind. Sometime around 10th grade, the pieces finally fell into place for him, and by the time he graduated from our homeschool, he had become a strong, independent writer.

Perhaps you have a reluctant writer of your own. Or maybe you’re a reluctant mom who struggles with teaching, editing, and grading writing. If you’re wondering, “Why is writing so difficult to teach?” and would love a round-up of helpful articles, keep reading!

Blog Round-up

Teaching Reluctant Writers

Teaching Reluctant Teens

Editing with Reluctant Children

Editing, Revising, and Grading Writing for the Reluctant Parent

  • Our children need measurable, clear writing expectations. Achievable goals, specific directions, and consistency will boost confidence and skills.
  • When editing your kids’ writing, how do you find the balance between appreciating content and addressing errors?
  • You’ll be encouraged by these tips for how to love your kids’ writing, especially when you’d rather wad it into a ball and toss it across the room.
  • Discover ways to give your kids writing feedback while overcoming your own insecurity and doubt about editing and evaluating their writing lessons.
  • Soak up some tips for homeschool parents who need help learning how to edit and grade writing (especially your high school students’ compositions and essays).

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