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Paper plate story pocket | Homeschool writing activity

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Publishing Project Ideas, Writing Games & Activities

A paper plate story pocket makes a wonderful publishing tool. This fun craft is also perfect for storing and displaying a child’s early stories and drawings.

Publish Your Child’s Stories 

One of the most encouraging and rewarding experiences for young authors is to see their work published. As a second and third grader, I remember how much I loved to find my own little stories and poems published in our school’s newsletter.

Whenever possible, give your children the opportunity to publish their little stories in a crafty way that they can share with others. They might make a story kite to fly around the house as they “read” it to Daddy, create a paper-plate face book, or turn the story into an accordion-folded train. There are loads of possibilities!

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WriteShop Primary is our delightful parent-guided writing program for K-3rd graders. It’s filled with fun, engaging activities—like this cute paper plate story pocket—that promote a love for writing, from games and movement activities to simple publishing ideas.

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Make a Paper Plate Story Pocket

Here’s how to make a story pocket from a lunch- or dinner-size paper plate.

Young children will have fun making a paper plate story pocket to "publish" their story.

Pick a Story Pocket Style

Tall Pocket (from 2 paper plates): Leave one plate whole. Cut the second plate in two, discarding one of the halves. Staple the half plate to the full-size plate face to face around the curved edge. This creates a pocket with a high back.

Short Pocket (from 1 paper plate): Use one paper plate. Cut it in half. Place both pieces face to face and staple together around the curved edges. The top straight edges remain open to form a pocket.

Decorate and Display the Story Pocket

  1. Allow time for the child to use crayons, markers, paint, or stickers to decorate the paper plate so it matches the theme of the story.
  2. Fold the story and store it inside the pocket.
  3. Invite your child draw a picture of each object in the story on stiff paper such as poster board, cardstock, or scrapbooking paper. Cut out the sturdy pieces and store them in the pocket along with the story.
  4. Optionally, punch holes on each side and string some yarn through so you can hang the pocket on a hook.
  5. Encourage your child to read the story out loud to family members or a friend, pulling out the corresponding pieces from the pocket and placing them on the table during each part of the story.


Your kids will love creating more of these pockets to use year round! They make great Christmas card holders and are perfect substitutes for valentine or other mailboxes!