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6 Mother’s Day writing prompts

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Mother's Day writing prompts

This collection of Mother’s Day writing prompts invites children to describe mom’s personality, hobby, talents, appearance, or favorite jewelry.

Writing warm-ups are always a good idea, and at this special time of year, these inspirational journaling ideas will draw your family together and set pens and pencils in motion!

1. Mom’s Magical Day

What do you think a perfect day for your mom would be like? Make a list of 10 things you think would make her happy. From your list, choose one thing you could do to help make that wonderful, imaginary day become a reality.

2. Sparkle and Shine

Describe a piece of jewelry that your mother always wears. What makes this piece of jewelry so special to her?

3. My Mom Rocks!

Is your mom an artist? Does she love to bake, garden, or sew? Does she volunteer at a homeless shelter or sing on the worship team at your church? Does she like to hike, surf or pilot an airplane? Write a paragraph about one of her talents, interests, or hobbies. How might this activity make your mother different from other moms you know?

4. Ode to Mom

Write a color poem to describe your mother. Choose a color, and write three or four similes comparing your mom to things of that color, such as: 

My Mother Is Yellow

My mother’s face is as bright as the mid-day sun.

She holds her head high, like a bold sunflower.

Her heart is as cheerful as a field of yellow daisies.

My mother is a treasure, like shiny nuggets of gold.

5. Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Does your mother have a nickname for you? Where did she get it? Does she call you by that name all the time, or just now and then? How does having this nickname make you feel?

6. Peas in a Pod

Do you notice any similarities between your mother and your grandmother? Describe the personality traits, character qualities, or physical attributes they share.

Did you enjoy these Mother’s Day writing prompts? Then check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays!