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4 meaningful writing prompts about Easter | Homeschool writing ideas

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Writing & Journal Prompts

The heart of Easter: 4 meaningful writing prompts

We hope you’ll encourage your kids to take time to reflect on the true meaning and joy of the season. These writing prompts about Easter can help them do that.

1. The First Easter

Imagine you have traveled back in time to the day Jesus rose from the grave. Describe what you might observe, experience, and feel. You may use your Bible to help you remember parts of the Easter story.

2. A New Commandment

In His life and death, Jesus taught us to love our enemies. Write about three ways you could show love to someone who hurts you or treats you wrongly.

3. Winter is Past

Signs of new life are everywhere in springtime! Describe something in nature that reminds you of Christ’s resurrection. A butterfly emerging from a cocoon, new leaves unfolding on a tree, and animals coming out of hibernation are possible ideas.

4. It’s a Miracle

Miracles and stories of hope are all around us. Do you remember Easter Sunday in 2009, when a ship captain was rescued from pirates who had held him hostage? Write about a miracle you hope to see this Easter, or a miracle your family has experienced in the past.

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Photo: Kimber Shaw, courtesy of Creative Commons.