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Magical clothing writing prompts | Homeschool writing ideas

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Invite your kids to flex their creative writing muscles with these magical clothing writing prompts about super-powered accessories. You’re never too old to play dress-up (when magical costumes are involved, that is).

1. Destination: Foreign Nation

You just discovered a one-of-a-kind hat that allows you to speak any foreign language. Plan a trip for you and your headgear. Where will you go, and why? Who will you meet, and what will you do together? How will the hat make your life easier, and how could it make your trip more complicated?

2. Target Sighted

No one hides from a spy who wears telescopic sunglasses. These cool shades allow Agent Y to see anything in broad daylight up to twenty miles away. Write a secret letter to Agent Y, persuading him (or her) to spy for your country.

3. Once Upon a Time

Slip into your magical overcoat, and you can travel backward or forward in time. Journal about your time-traveling adventure to a castle that was much more than it seemed . . .

4. Clear and Present Danger

Desperate for money, you are forced to sell your most prized possession—a wristwatch that sounds an alarm when the wearer is in danger. Write a description of this fantastic item for potential buyers on eBay or Amazon. Include plenty of descriptive adjectives to grab the reader’s attention!

5. Footwear Frenzy

You just flew in to Washington D.C. for a formal dinner at the White House. As you unpack, you realize that you brought the wrong dress shoes—these are the shoes that make the wearer invisible! Your taxi arrives at your hotel in five minutes. You can’t wear the sneakers you wore on the airplane, so what will you do?

Magical clothing writing prompts about magic hats, coats, shoes, and sunglasses will help homeschool kids imagine wild adventures with surprising twists!