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List-making writing prompts for July | Homeschool writing prompts

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Writing & Journal Prompts

List-Making Writing Prompts for July | Homeschool writing prompts about unusual July holidays

Making lists is a valid writing exercise in your homeschool! For example, lists can be used to brainstorm for details or organize ideas. This set of list-making writing prompts for July invites students to create lists about unusual or wacky July holidays. Which one will your kids choose first?

July 9: National Sugar Cookie Day

This year, to celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day, you have been invited to participate in a cookie-building contest. You have an unlimited supply of plain sugar cookies, frosting in every color, and sprinkles galore. What will you build out of sugar cookies? Make a numbered list explaining the steps you will take to turn your idea into a prize-winning creation!

July 11: Cheer Up the Lonely Day

People can experience loneliness for all sorts of reasons.

  • Soldiers serving overseas miss friends and family back home.
  • Senior citizens who live alone sometimes have a hard time getting out.
  • A serious illness or injury might confine a friend to her bed for weeks or months.
  • No one hangs out with the new boy in your Sunday School class.

Cheer Up the Lonely Day is the perfect time to think of ways to brighten the lives of lonely people. Make a list of 5-10 people you know of who could use a friend or a word of encouragement. Next to each person’s name, write down something you could do to cheer them up.

When your list is complete, circle one of the names and follow through with your idea. Many of your ideas would make a perfect homeschool project or family activity.

BONUS ACTIVITY: This month, do something kind for every person on your list!

July 27: Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

I’ll bet you pictured hooking a pair of jeans to a leash and taking them for stroll in your neighborhood—but that’s not what Take Your Pants for a Walk Day is all about. This holiday may have a crazy name, but it actually celebrates movement, fitness, and adventure!

Today, make a list of 5-10 places you could walk or hike, from park paths to nature trails to your town’s main street. Next to each place, write three descriptive words or phrases about things you might see or experience on this walk. For example:

  1. Hike to the waterfall (mossy rocks, breathtaking view, strenuous)
  2. Walk to Grandma’s house (cracked sidewalk, lush rose bushes, friendly neighbors)

BONUS ACTIVITY: Take your pants for a walk to one of the places on your list! Ask Mom to count it as writing AND as homeschool P.E.

July 31: Mutt’s Day

You’ve pleaded and begged, and your parents have finally said yes! Soon, you’ll be visiting the local animal shelter to pick out a mutt to call your very own. But before you can choose a dog, your mom and dad want to make sure you’re up to the challenge and responsibility of being a pet owner. Make a list of 10-15 things you will need to do to prepare for—and care for—your new friend.

Photo: Au Kirk, courtesy of Creative Commons