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Imaginative letter-writing prompts for middle school

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Letter-writing prompts will tickle your children's imagination as they play Tooth Fairy, answer a frantic letter from a toy, and travel back in time.

Let these letter writing topics tickle your middle schooler’s fancy as they imagine life as a grownup, travel back in time, answer a frantic letter from a toy, or play Tooth Fairy!

1. Days of Future Past

Imagine yourself 20 years from now. Where do you live? What is your occupation? Are you married? Do you have children? Write a letter from this “future you” to your present self, telling a little about your life as a grownup.

2. Time-Travel Journal

While exploring in a long-forgotten attic, you discover a time machine that lets you travel back to any destination in history. You take your first journey into the past and arrive safely in a new place and time. While there, you meet a famous historical figure who is serving as your guide.

At the end of your first day, write a letter in your journal explaining where you are, and tell about an adventure you have shared with your new friend. Include three details about your experience.

3. Toy Troubles

In the Toy Story movies, Andy’s favorite childhood toys include his pals Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, and a giant plastic dinosaur.

Do you remember some of your own favorites? Imagine that a mysterious letter arrives in the mail—and when you open it, you discover it’s an urgent note from one of your old toys! What is the message? Write a letter back to your toy in which you respond to the message.

4. Tooth Fairy Tidings

Guess what? You’re the Tooth Fairy! Before you leave on your nightly rounds, write a letter that you will leave under the pillow of a child who has lost his or her very first tooth. Include at least five of these words in your letter: brave, excited, scared, surprised, proud, bite, string, dentist, tiny, gift, apple, promise, dream

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Photos: Zoetnet (letter girl) and .sandhu (time machine), courtesy of Creative Commons