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5 homeschool-friendly writing prompts about costumes

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Writing & Journal Prompts

These writing prompts about costumes spark imagination as kids describe favorite costumes, dress a pet, or become superheroes or spies!

Who doesn’t love to dress up and pretend? Whether costumes are DIY or store-purchased, most of us have experienced the fun of becoming a pirate, princess, or puppy. These writing prompts about costumes let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they describe costumes, dress a pet, or become superheroes or spies!

1. Tales of a Superhero

While exploring your grandfather’s attic, you discover a superhero costume complete with mask and cape. You try it on—and it fits perfectly! Write a story about what happens when you put on the costume. Use at least six of these words in your story: tornado, rescue, incredible, Superman, ocean, train, gigantic, scientist, bricks, sewer, dumpster, magnet.

2. 1-2-3 Robot

You are entering a contest for which you have to assemble a robot costume from recycled materials. Draw a picture of your costume. Then, explain the steps you will take to make it.

3. Costume Craziness

When you were little, did you have a box of dress-up clothes or costumes? Describe one of the craziest outfits you remember putting together. Incorporate interesting adjectives such as sparkly, scratchy, or enormous.

4. I’m Spying on You!

Many people enjoy stepping into a costume and taking on a different identity for parties and harvest festivals. Spies, on the other hand, must do this every day of the year. Write about three ways you could mask your true identity if you were a spy.

5. Party Pets

Your pet has been invited to a costume party. The invitation states that you may not purchase anything at all to make your pet’s costume. Instead, every bit of it must come from items you already have around the house. How will you dress your dog or cat? Make a list of the items you will gather to create the perfect costume.

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