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Homeschool writing curriculum for 5th and 6th grade | WriteShop Junior Book F

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Teaching Homeschool Writing, WriteShop Junior

When it’s time to choose a homeschool writing curriculum for 5th and 6th grade, how do you decide?

It can be a tough transition between elementary and middle school! You want to teach the skills they need, but you still need to keep them motivated with fun activities.

Enter WriteShop Junior Book F!

“Who knew you could use games and hands-on activities to teach writing! My daughter really enjoyed the creative lessons, journal prompts, and ideas for publishing her stories.”
–Mindy Henry

Who can use WriteShop Junior Book F?

The third level in our WriteShop Junior series, Book F is a homeschool writing curriculum for 5th and 6th grade. It may also be used with reluctant writers in 7th grade. Book F is ideal for students who aren’t quite ready for the junior-high level of WriteShop I or who might still enjoy and benefit from hands-on writing activities. This level may also appeal to 8th graders with special needs.

“Write Shop Junior has been such a blessing for my daughter. When she started using the program, she was a reluctant writer. Now, she proclaims that writing is her favorite subject. I appreciate how Book F has brought a fun element to a difficult subject.”
–Lauren Bell

What kinds of writing does Book F teach?

Book F contains 10 lessons (chapters), so by working three days a week, you’ll finish one lesson in three weeks. Each lesson incorporates activities such as pre-writing games, brainstorming with graphic organizers, story or report writing, self-editing, and a creative publishing idea.

Because we want to teach different kinds of writing, Book F covers a variety of genres. Therefore, children will complete the following 10 writing projects.

Lesson 1  Adventure
Lesson 2  Tall Tales
Lesson 3  Mystery
Lesson 4  Historical Fiction
Lesson 5  Limerick Poetry
Lesson 6  Persuasive Letter
Lesson 7  Personal Narrative (Intro to 5-paragraph writing)
Lesson 8 Summary (5 paragraphs)
Lesson 9  Responding to Literature (5 paragraphs)
Lesson 10  Nonfiction Report (5 or more paragraphs)

WriteShop Junior Book F | Homeschool writing curriculum for 5th and 6th grade

What skills are taught in Book F?

In addition to solid lessons, WriteShop Junior introduces or reviews a wide range of skills, including:

  • Writing fiction, nonfiction, and book reports
  • Planning and organizing stories and reports
  • Learning to write using 5 or more paragraphs
  • Choosing strong words and synonyms
  • Including sensory detail
  • Writing sentences of different lengths
  • Adding sentence starters
  • Using dialogue to show, not tell
  • Developing voice and emotion
  • Using references
  • Using self-editing tools
  • Learning and practicing key grammar skills

“We truly believe in WriteShop Junior. It has changed my son’s whole opinion of writing. He is no longer afraid to write. Book F has equipped him with some great skills and given him so much confidence.”
–Michelle Manley

While still a parent-guided homeschool writing program, WriteShop Junior Book F begins transitioning tweens toward more independent writing. So even though you’ll still need to teach and oversee each day’s activities, you’ll also assign more independent writing as your child matures.

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How do you pick a homeschool writing curriculum for 5th and 6th grade? WriteShop Junior Book F teaches skills they need using solid (yet fun!) activities.