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My homeschool kids don’t like to write!

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Reluctant or Struggling Writers, Teaching Homeschool Writing

My kids have come such a long way in their skills, but they still don’t like to write. It’s still “work” to them, and they’d rather be doing something else.

~Marisa, Homeschool Parent

Teaching writing in your homeschool can present all sorts of challenges. Have you ever said these words?

  • Writing is such a struggle for my child.
  • I feel like a failure as a teacher.
  • How can I help my child like writing?
  • I want my kids to become independent writers, but they’re just not getting it.

Are you working alongside your kids?

I love when homeschooling moms have an epiphany, that “Aha!” moment when they realize—and accept—that writing needs to be taught. This often means sitting with our kids and coaxing the writing out of them.

>> Using questions, prompts, and dialogue to help kids write

Isn’t it so much easier to plop a workbook in front of them and hope for the best? But let’s be honest—you know their efforts will be halfhearted if you leave them to work on their own

Instead, if you really want your kids to become competent writers, make the commitment to work one-on-one with them. Ask leading questions and encourage them in their brainstorming and story planning.

>> How to model the brainstorming process with your homeschool child

Whether you’re brainstorming together or helping them with their rough draft, young students need you to go through the writing process with them. Sometimes, this means doing the actual writing as they narrate their ideas to you. You’re not cheating! And it’s a small price to pay if this is what a child needs in order to feel successful.

Smart moms like Marisa stick with their curriculum and hold their kids’ hands—not only for the sake of commitment, but because they see fruit! She adds:

I worked with each of the kids individually to get their [brainstorming] done… Though it takes a little more time than I like, the end result is far more satisfying for all of us!

I too have walked in Marisa’s—and your—shoes. When my son finally began working independently in high school, all those hours and hours of side-by-side efforts paid off. I pray they will for you too.

Have you honestly evaluated how you’re teaching writing?

As parents, we toggle between wanting to use a homeschool writing curriculum our kids like (even if it’s less effective) and using something that’s more “work,” yet clearly produces results.

For two of my own kids, math was our bugaboo. The “fun” program I used one time set them back a year. So it was back to Saxon for us, even though they didn’t especially like it.

  • Are you inconsistent when it comes to teaching writing?
  • Do you keep trying new writing programs but have a hard time following through?
  • Does your curriculum bore you or your kids?
  • Is your writing program producing results—even if it’s not your favorite?

It’s never a bad idea to step back and take a fresh look at a subject to think about how you can teach it more effectively. If your kids don’t like to write, maybe now’s the time to evaluate how you’re teaching them. What’s working? What’s not? Do you really need a change of curriculum? Or do you simply need a change of attitude?

Whichever it is, Mama, face it head on—and see what a difference your thoughtful decision can make!

>> Do I Need a Homeschool Writing Curriculum to Teach My Child How to Write?

Not all children learn to love writing, but using a program that weaves in games and hands-on activities can’t hurt!

If your kids don’t like to write, and teaching writing has become a battleground, maybe it’s time to try WriteShop Primary or WriteShop Junior. Lesson plans in the Teacher’s Guides show you exactly how to guide your child through each part of the writing process.

Children have so much fun playing writing games, learning to use exciting writing tools, and creating appealing stories that they hardly realize they’re learning! Download lesson samples here.

What's a homeschooling mom to do when your kids don't like to write? Parental involvement is key, but it also helps to choose the right materials!