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10 gifts for grammar geeks and writers

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Gift Guides

Gifts for grammar geeks are here!

Do you find yourself fretting about what to buy for that special someone? Well, if that person happens to be a writer, grammar nerd, or literary enthusiast, you’re sure to appreciate these fabulous finds. From game room to dining room, there’s something for everyone on your list, so get comfy at your desk or settle into a cozy armchair and discover some fresh new gift ideas for the “wordies” in your life.

(Updated 10/2019. Links to Amazon are affiliate links.)

1. You’ve Been Sentenced!

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks, Writers, and Literary Buffs

If you’re looking for a fun new offering for game-lovers on your list, look no further than You’ve Been Sentenced. Adults, kids, word nerds, and grammar geeks will all enjoy this hilarious, imaginative game where creating grammatically correct sentences is the object. The result? Absurdly funny sentences and laughter galore!

2. Synonym Rolls

Synonym Rolls T-Shirt | Thesaurus-themed T-shirt for your geekiest writer friend or word nerd

Cinnamon Synonym rolls aren’t just for breakfast anymore! Grab this sweet graphic T-shirt for your geekiest writer friend or wordsmith whose favorite book is a thesaurus. Synonym rolls: Just like Grammar used to make!

3. “I Get My Best Ideas in the Shower”

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

Writers get those “Aha!” moments at the most inconvenient times, such as in the middle of the night or while driving on the highway. But if the muse should strike while they’re in the shower, they can jot that perfect phrase or inspired thought on this ingenious waterproof notepad, thanks to your thoughtful gift of Aqua Notes!

4. Mug Shots

Here’s an amusing assortment of mugs that make great gifts for the writers and grammar-loving friends on your holiday gift list.

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

This smug mug proclaims, “I’m silently correcting your grammar.” It’s perfect for the quiet grammarian—the one who mentally corrects restaurant menus, store signs, Facebook posts, and even total strangers.

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

I’m especially fond of these six Grammar Grumbles mugs, an original design by The Literary Gift Company. Wrapped individually or as a set, they make great gifts for grammar geeks and word nerds.

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

This one is pretty awesome, too. I’d love to give an “I write, therefore I revise” mug to every student who exclaims, “But I like it the way it is!

5. For the Wordsmith

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is coming up with ideas. This thoughtful gift opens the door to possibility with an endless combination of story starters. Everyone will love this cool Writer’s Toolbox of Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the “Write” Side of Your Brain. As your writer friends spin the “Protagonist Wheel” or choose a “First Sentence” or “Last Straw” stick, they’ll give a boost to their creative writing project.

6. Creative Writing for Creative Kids

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

Let’s not forget the children on your list. Young writers will love Rip the Page!: Adventures in Creative Writing, with its wide variety of fun writing exercises and open-ended writing experiments. The book invites children to get curious, try something new, stretch their imaginations, get creative, and yes . . . rip the pages right out of the book! There’s no right or wrong, so even the most reluctant writers will find freedom and encouragement.

7. Are You Puzzled?

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

Everyone needs a break from the mundane now and then—including the book lovers and writers on your gift list! Working a jigsaw puzzle can help their minds to focus, so they’ll especially appreciate the diversion this Best-Selling Books Puzzle offers.

Can you spot your favorite novels in this puzzle? From The Cat in the Hat and Charlotte’s Web to Oliver Twist and To Kill a Mockingbird, the puzzle features over 50 classic titles from adult and children’s literature.

8. Get Your Hemingway On

Looking for a gift that’s just their “type”? This vintage-looking Hemingway pencil cup might be just the trick inspire your favorite writer’s next novel! Realistic and well made, this antique-typewriter replica will make a great conversation piece on any writer’s desk.

9. A Word by Any Other Name . . .

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers
10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

Your favorite writer can never get enough of words, so what better way to stoke the creative fire than with a new thesaurus? Delight the wordsmith who has everything with a unique gift of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression.

The best all-purpose thesaurus for anyone on your gift list is by far The Synonym Finder. My own dog-eared paperback copy split in half and has long since been replaced. This durable hardback edition will make a smart statement on desk or bookshelf, where the perfect word is always within reach. The crown jewel of thesauri, The Synonym Finder is that single, indispensable tool everyone should own.

10. You Can Take It With You

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

What does a writer do when she feels stuck? Sometimes, a change of scenery is all that’s needed to get those creative juices flowing again. This cute Eat, Sleep, Write tote bag is perfect for taking along a notebook or laptop to the local cafe for an afternoon of uninterrupted wordsmithing.

BONUS: Writer’s Gift Bag

10 Gifts for Grammar Geeks and Writers

For an extra-special present, Package up an assortment of treats and gifts for grammar geeks and writers. Who wouldn’t love a complete gift bag?

You’ll be good to go . . . and so will she!


Gifts for grammar geeks, writers, and literary buffs! From dining room to game room, there's something clever for everyone on your list.