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Writing prompts about games

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Writing & Journal Prompts

Writing prompts about games • WriteShop

FROM board games to word games, fun-filled competitions are a great way to bring friends and family together! This week, inspire your kids to set pen to paper with these writing prompts about games.

1. Three, Four, Count Some More

Describe three things you could do with several boxes full of dominoes.

2. A Royal Brush

A playing card company has asked you to design the artwork for a new deck of cards. Describe the patterns or pictures you would choose. Would you use one style for all fifty-two cards, or thirteen different designs?

3. Game On!

What is your favorite board game? Write a review of this game for other families who might consider buying it. Include parts of the game that impress you or that you particularly enjoy (positive points), and anything that has disappointed you or was not quite as advertised (negative points). Conclude your review with a 1-5 star rating (one is the lowest, five is the best).

4. Bottom of the Ninth, and … Goal?

If you went to school in Nova Scotia, Canada, you might play soccer-baseball with your friends in the gym on Fridays. The infield and four bases would remind you of baseball, but the pitcher would roll the ball and you’d have to kick it to score a home run!

Combine two of your favorite sports, and describe a typical game.

5. A Perfect Pair

Imagine the perfect opponent for your favorite game. Would this person be fiercely competitive, excessively kind and generous, or just plain honest? Would you prefer your playing partner to spend your time together in quiet concentration or hysterical laughter? Explain your answer.

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