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Book report sandwich

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Teaching Homeschool Writing

Banish boring book reports with afun book report sandwich! Each "ingredient" helps kids summarize and describe plot, characters, and setting.

ARE YOUR kids tired of the typical, ho-hum, “this book is about” book report?

Here’s a fun variation to try: A book report sandwich.

Preparing the Ingredients

First, make templates for the various sandwich ingredients. Using similar dimensions for each item, draw the following elements on plain white paper. Then, photocopy as many as you need onto colored paper.

  • Bread slice (2) – brown or tan
  • Lunch meat – pink
  • Cheese – orange or yellow
  • Tomato – red
  • Lettuce – green
  • Mayonnaise – white

Creating the Book Report

Each “ingredient” represents one element of of the book. After reading a book, write the different parts of the report on the various sandwich fixin’s—much more fun than writing out a traditional book report on lined paper!

  • Top bread slice: Write the book title and author.
  • Lettuce: Summarize the plot.
  • Tomato slice: Tell some interesting facts and details about the main character.
  • Mayonnaise layer: Describe the book’s setting.
  • Cheese slice: Describe your favorite part of the story.
  • Lunch meat: Give your opinion of the book.
  • Bottom bread slice: Draw a favorite scene from the book.

When finished, staple your sandwich together into a mini book you can sink your teeth into!

What are some of your favorite creative book report ideas?

Banish boring book reports with this fun book report sandwich! Each "ingredient" helps students summarize and describe plot, characters, and setting.

Photo: Benson Kalahar, courtesy of Creative Commons 2.0