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A real proof copy. Really!

by | Jun 12, 2008 | WriteShop Primary


I’m beginning to think someone has let a gremlin loose between the pages of WriteShop Primary.

Maybe that cute little tiger has secretly gone undercover to wreak havoc moving bullet points and misspelling words.

In the last week alone, David has sent me four—yes, four—“this-really-is-the-final” versions of Book A. And every time I think I’ve found all the bugs, I spot something else.

  • A title that didn’t get underlined.
  • An activity that needs to be italicized.
  • Yet ANOTHER misspelled word.
  • An index reference that takes you to…um…the index.
  • A schedule chart that’s missing half the activities.
  • Text that’s “leaking” out of its text box.

Mind you, this is after five pairs of eyes have scoured the pages of this book. I laugh as I email David, that patient saint, for the zillionth time: “How DO we keep missing this stuff?”

It just never ends! 🙂 But we knew that at some point we would simply have to say: No more. Done. Finished. 

So yesterday we closed Book A, sent the PDF file off to the printer, and ordered three proofs. My copy sits before me now, ready for the last sweep of the red pen. Ready for the final list of tweaks.

Yep, yesterday was huge for us. And today I can announce with great excitement that I now have a real proof copy of WriteShop Primary Book A in my hands. Really!

Pinch me. We’re almost there!