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7 Pinterest ideas for high school writing

by | Oct 24, 2013 | High school

NOW THAT Pinterest has been around awhile, it’s hard to believe not everyone is on the bandwagon. Are you? For homeschoolers, Pinterest is so much more than a place to gather recipes and decorating ideas . . .  it’s a smorgasbord of teaching tips!

Some time ago, I posted 8 writing ideas from Pinterest. Most of those ideas were directed at elementary grades, so today I’d like to point you toward some terrific Pinterest ideas for high school writing.

1. How to Teach Note Taking Skills 

Part of preparing teens for college is teaching good note taking skills during high school. How to Teach Students Note Taking Skills explains the basics of when and how to take notes and introduces teens to both column-style note-taking and mind-mapping.

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

2. How to Choose a Topic for a College Application Essay 

If your teen plans to go to college, it’s a given that the various applications will contain essay questions. Typically vague, they give students a lot of leeway. The trick is learning to reword a prompt so the topic feels comfortable and the response can be both powerful and personal. This article will teach your student  How to Choose a Topic for a College Application Essay.

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

3. Writing Truths for Reluctant Teens

How can you encourage your high schooler when he feels stuck? What should you tell him when he can’t seem to get started writing? How do you help him handle perfectionism? Find encouragement with these 10 Writing Truths for Reluctant Teens.

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

4. Tips for a Quick Writing Makeover

Ideally, students should thoroughly edit and revise their essays before submitting a final draft. But when there isn’t much time to revise a piece of writing, there are still several easy adjustments they can make to improve a paper. For those crunch times, teach them these 5 tips for a quick writing makeover.

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

5. Vocabulary Play 

You don’t have to be a little kid to enjoy playing with words! Check out these five fun ways to help students intentionally engage with vocabulary. I especially love the idea of making a word collage. Which is your favorite?

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

6. Create an Art Journal Page

Do you have an artistic teen? A dreamer? A poet? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial showing the process of creating an art journal page that combines scrapbook-type art, word art, and personal journaling. This is where writing meets art!

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

7. 119 Journal Prompts for Teens 

This post offers 119 writing prompts that will especially appeal to teens. Even the most reluctant writer is sure to find a journal prompt that motivates or inspires!

7 Pinterest Ideas for High School Writing

Be sure to follow our Writing Ideas: Teens and Writing Prompts boards on Pinterest for more helpful writing activities like these! 


Your Turn: What’s your favorite high school writing activity from Pinterest? 

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