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10 things about me

by | Aug 8, 2008 | Uncategorized

Who’s the woman behind the blog? Sure, I blog about writing. But perhaps you’re wondering if I’m a real person. I am! I hope I don’t intimidate you. Goodness. I’m just a regular wife, mom, grandma, friend—like you!

So I’m taking a detour today. I thought you might like to learn a bit more about me. And if you don’t care a whit, just scroll on by!

  1. I’m not too athletic. (OK. I’m not at all athletic.)
  2. I’m the oldest of four and the only girl.
  3. I lived in Mexico City until I was six (but my Spanish still leaves much to be desired.) Even though I was only four, I remember the earthquake that toppled the famous El Angel statue.
  4. Grant and GrandmaI wear a hard contact lens in one eye and a soft lens in the other.
  5. I have six adorable grandchildren. Here I am with 6-year-old Grant on his first roller-coaster ride! >>>
  6. I can’t drink from a water fountain without choking. (OK. You can stop laughing now.)
  7. Margherita pizza is the best. I’m all about fresh basil.
  8. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 33 years.
  9. I love decorating for Christmas but I hate putting everything away.
  10. Yosemite is one of my very favorite places in all the world.

So there you have it. Ten things about me! Want to play along? Tell me 10 things about you!